Thursday, August 5, 2010

Now, where do I put 3 weeks of books?

I have the books I need gathered for our first 3 weeks of Tapestry of Grace.  They're currently in two stacks on my dining room table, and that's not going to work.  I need to find somewhere accessible, but safe, to store them.  This is a mix of personally owned books, and library books.  It will also be an ever-changing collection as we progress through ancient history with Tapestry of Grace.

Should I empty out a milk crate which already resides in the living room beside my couch (full of other homeschool books) to store them?

Should I clear a space on a bookshelf?

How do others store their books for literature-based studies?

And while we're asking questions, where did my digital camera go?  It' s not in my living room.   It's not in the basement where Steve and the kids were taking pictures of their woodworking 4H projects.   Could it be in the garage from their final day of painting and varnishing it?  I wanted to take a picture of the books we'll be reading, starting Monday.  But I can't.

But back to the real question ... if you use a literature-based history curriculum, or literature-based unit studies, how do you organize your books?

Looking for solutions (and my camera),
April E.


  1. we have a 'book shelf' thing they have in the classroom...where the books face out. I got it w/ my 'scholastic' teacher points. (scholastic book club.) but they are not that expensive. We also have a basket where ALL the library books that i can find them..and keep library expense fines

  2. A milk crate. It actually lives under my desk (which is in the living area), so I can keep an eye on little ones who decide to investigate the books. Ours is a mix of library books and our own books too.

  3. I use banker boxes. Milk crates would serve the same purpose. I just happen to HAVE banker boxes :)

    I have banker boxes for each subject of our personally owned books that are in use, and separate boxes for Thing 1 and I for library books.


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