Sunday, August 1, 2010

Only one of my kids ...

I just had a frustrating moment, when I had to shake my head and say ... "this could only happen to  one of my kids."

Yesterday, while I hung clothes on the line, someone let 1 yo G outside (probably his 4 yo sister).  G wandered around for awhile, and then marched right into the long unmowed section of grass and POISON IVY that everyone else knows to avoid.  I told him to come out, and instead he SAT DOWN.    He refused to move, though I kept telling him to get up and get out as I finished hanging one item.

I waded into it, scooped him up, and took him inside.  I immediately washed his arms/legs, took off his clothes, and washed my own arms and legs to remove any of the urushiol oil from the poison ivy.   Just earlier today I was pleased to note that there wasn't any sign of poison ivy on his legs or arms.

But tonight he started digging at the Ace bandage we have wrapped around his leg to protect the bandage over his MRSA infection and incision.  I looked, and at first I thought he had a chigger bite under the Ace bandage.  I took it off to try to put some anti-itch cream on it and re-wrap the Ace he'd bunched up.

That's when I realized it looked more like 4 tiny spots of POISON IVY!!   Apparently some of the oil did get under the Ace bandage.  He showered later yesterday evening, but even that shower missed this urushiol oil.  It's his first reaction to poison ivy ... and it had to be just under his MRSA infection and incision, which makes wrapping it very difficult.  He is scratching at the poison ivy all the time.  I tried to re-wrap his incision higher, so it didn't cover the poison ivy at all.  But he's still digging.

Only my child.

Please pray that the MRSA doesn't spread into the poison ivy, because I'm sure he's going to end up popping the blisters soon, and then he'll have open wounds right under the MRSA.

Thankfully, his incision is healing and looking smaller each day, and the infected area looks better each day.  I've now seen it 3 days in a row (though I did not intend to re-bandage it today) and it improves daily!  Friday was a big improvement over Tuesday.   Even on Saturday I noted an improvement in the redness and bruising, and the size of the incision, from Friday.  Then today (Sunday) I noticed it looked even better than it did on Saturday ... other than the red blistered poison ivy about 1.5 inches under it.

I'll call the Dr. tomorrow to see if they have any advice other than what I'm doing.  In the meantime, pass the anti-itch cream.

Shaking my head,
April E.


  1. Kids like to make life crazy, don't they!?!

  2. I'm shaking my head and wondering how I would get through that without crying. It would happen in my family, too, which is how I know I'd cry. I'd deal what needed to be delt with and then sit down in exhaustion and cry. I hope you are handling it better that I would and I am praying the MRSA doesn't spread. I'm also praying that you don't get either one!


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