Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A quiet place

When I was a younger mom, with only  3 and 4 children, we had a spare bedroom.  It had a few file cabinets, a small desk, a full-size bed, a rocking chair, a dresser, and a crib in it.  The crib was unused, since Baby J refused to sleep in it.  The room itself wasn't really used, unless we had overnight company.  As such, it was the only room in the house that was quiet, and uncluttered.

Often, I would slip into the spare bedroom, shut the door, rock in the rocking chair, and enjoy the clean quiet space.  The bed was always made, the floor was clean, and it was a pretty room.  It was rest for my soul.

Of course, it was always short-lived.   With 4 children all under age 7, it wasn't long before someone would need me.  But it was there whenever I needed a moment of peace.

We no longer have a spare bedroom.  Each of our 3 bedrooms are in use, with soon-to-be 8 kids.   Being a homeschool family, the kids are here all day long.  Our living room and dining room are one large area, and they are fairly open to the kitchen, as well.   The only bathroom is in high-demand, so it doesn't offer any sanctuary.

Yet, I still find myself slipping away to a quiet place.  My bedroom.  Although the bed isn't always made, and there isn't as much open floor space as that spare bedroom had, it is still a quiet place, and often much cleaner than the rest of the house (as long as I don't look in my closet.)

There isn't room for a rocking chair in my bedroom, but I have found myself slipping into my room to lay on the bed for a moment fairly often this pregnancy (especially this summer).  Just a moment's peace is so refreshing.   It never lasts long, but it is always there.

When the noise, the clutter, and the activity just gets to be too much, my room is my sanctuary.

What is your sanctuary?  What do you do to refresh yourself from the demands of your family?

April E.


  1. I can totally relate to every inch of space being used and lived in. Quiet time is hard to find when homeschooling, as is cleaning time! I, too, sneak off to my bedroom. The various sounds from the rest of the house seem quieter in there and it's very peaceful. It *is* like a sanctuary.

    This year we are adding DEAR to our schooling routine. Every day after lunch, the kids will Drop Everything And Read for 30 minutes. We'll rotate so that some days I'll read to my non-reader and some days an older child will read to her. That way, some days I can have 30 minutes of quiet to read or clean while they are all reading. Please pray with me that this works for our family!

  2. Great blog, April, very peace-inspiring!

    In the summers when I was watching 8-12 dc on weekdays I don't recall getting time to be 'alone' - I was always too concerned that something might happen to the dc if I was in my room. But I did 'toss them outside' to play - lol! And I loved getting a chair and a book and sitting out in the shade watching them play.

    Now, at work, my desk is my oasis of quiet prayer. I work in an office with three desks and a table (for envelope stuffing) so it can be crowded, but when I need that peaceful, me-and-Jesus feeling I stop and pray, sometimes at the desk, sometimes kneeling at my chair.

    I figure, you know what, I'm the 'boss' and this is a Christian ministry so I can be weird like that and encourage it in others as well. LOL

    At the real estate office I pray at my desk, too. I guess I'm either quiet or people are used to it, because no one has ever told me not to or given me weird looks.



  3. I remember those days. I would put the little kids in the double stroller or wagon & we would walk. I love the wagon, the kids would take little toys & I could walk and pray for hours. Being outside soothed everyones soul.

  4. I like to sit in my living room, on the couch, and watch the birds come and go to the feeders I have set in front of the windows. We are blessed to have a familyroom and livingroom. The kids tend to gravitate to the family room. I can read in quiet and they can play how they like without disturbing me.
    I am glad you can slip away for moments and get refreshed. We all need that as homeschool moms!

  5. I love to get outside to my garden for awhile. I pick a few veggies, pull some weeds, or just watch the birds. The quiet does me so much good, even if its only a few minutes before the kids notice I am gone and start hollering for me.

    Reminds me of the picture book, "Five Minutes of Peace"

    I want to give you a Sunshine Award. :) Your blog is is SUNNY.


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