Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet our baby girl!

Here's the beauty that's been keeping me busy the past few days.  :)  We are all in love with her.  Even 2 yo G just grins and pats her when he sees her.  Sometimes he walks up to the bassinet (in the living room), peeks inside, and starts to laugh.

He was such a clingy guy, I worried he wouldn't adjust very easily, but he's doing great.  When he's tired and needs to snuggle, he does cry ... but I just move to the loveseat or couch where I can snuggle them both, and he's happy again.

April E.


  1. Happy to know everyone is happy and adjusting well. Kiss all over those little ones for us.... especially the newest edition. Again I say... she is just adorable.

  2. Oh, I was *so* hoping you would share a picture, but didn't want to ask the other day. Thank you! I really needed a baby fix. My baby is 4-1/2. We're thinking about having another, but just haven't yet. We'll see.

  3. Oh, she's just precious! I can almost smell that sweet newborn fragrance just looking at her.

    Enjoy every minute with her, April!

  4. She is beautiful! What a wonderful way to be busy!

  5. Mrs. Dora Lee ( Phillips ; ) WhitneySeptember 21, 2010 at 11:35 AM

    * She reminded me of a little sweet pea in her little sling, Sunday; all cuddled up next 2 mommy ! ~ You have a beautiful family. Let us know if there's anything y'all need.

  6. She is just precious! Rejoicing with you that she is here!

  7. Congratulations! She is lovely!


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