Thursday, September 2, 2010

My poor befuddled chickens ...

Tuesday night we moved all the chickens and the guinea hen into the same portable chicken tractor.  There are only 12 hens and one guinea hen left.  We do this at night, so we can grab them while they're sleepy on the roost.

I went out to check on them at 7:30 yesterday morning.  The four Ameraucanas were still on the roost, watching the newcomers wander around.   I guess they'd forgotten that they used to live together ... all of last summer, fall, winter and most of this previous spring.

I went out again at noon to check on them, and to gather any eggs that might have been laid.  The four Ameraucanas were grouped together in one corner.   The other 9 birds were all frantically trying to find a place to lay their eggs.  But as soon as a bird would settle in to lay, the other birds would rush over and try to lay in the same place.  So no one was getting any eggs laid.

Things were calmer when I returned at 4 pm, but there were only 4 eggs from the 13 befuddled birds.  Hopefully today will be better.

April E.


  1. It's like a high school clique! :lol:

  2. Coming by on the Blogwalk~better late than never~sooo how did your little "ladies" fare after their 'upset?' LOL...have a great day! See you on the deck! ;-))


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