Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Embarrassing my 13 year old

Sunday night I told Steve I'd thought of sharing something at Bible Study, but didn't get a chance to slip it in.   He said I'd shared plenty, and it was probably good I hadn't shared whatever it was.   Of course I couldn't remember what I'd wanted to share at first.  Then I remembered it was just a joke, and Steve was right.

Steve teased me, saying that I was the designated spokesperson for our family.  My 13 year old daughter was shocked that I would talk so much in Bible Study.   I guess it defies her "don't get noticed by the teacher" methodology.  He might ask you a question, or even worse ...  ask you to pray!!

I assured her I talk a LOT in Bible Study, which concerned her a bit since it's a parenting class.   She was worried I might be talking bad about her.  I assured her I mostly talk about ME, not the kids.  It's not about how good or bad they are, but about how I relate to them.

In the end, she decided I  must need to get out more often.   If I got out more, I'd talk less at Bible Study.   Hmm.   She should just be thankful I don't talk "hick stuff" at Bible Study.    Apparently, talking about chickens, or gardens, or things like that is "hick stuff" and embarrassing to her.

April E.


  1. I LOVE it! This is so funny.

    Pretty much anything I say in public is embarrassing these days. Glad I'm not alone. ;)

    Oh, and I am a "hick" too.

  2. This is good stuff to know as we have not yet entered these waters but we will be soon.


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