Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ page 22

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FOR TODAY, October 19, 2010

Outside my window... a hillside full of trees wearing their fall colors, glistening raindrops,  a field softly green with freshly planted wheat, and a row of haybales lined up in the pasture.

I am thinking... of college reunions, my niece's birthday present, Christmas presents, and my to-do list.

I am thankful for... the health of my 1 month old daughter, my family, my loving and hard-working husband.

From the learning rooms... we are resuming school after our "baby break" and are studying MRSA using one of The Curiosity Files unit studies.

From the kitchen... the smell of brewed coffee, a clean sink, and Persian kittens playing with their mother.

I am wearing...
candy cane pajamas, slipper socks, and am trying to convince myself I do not need a robe or blanket when the house is 71 degrees.

I am creating...
an article about homeschooling in Kansas for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's facebook page next month.

I am going...
to have to wander out in the cold rain to water the chickens as soon as the children are up.  Fun.

I am reading...
Jane and the Stillroom Maid, being the fifth Jane Austen Mystery, by Stephanie Barron.  In reality, though, I only seem able to manage a page or two at a time.

I am hoping...
to finish washing and folding my laundry today.

I am hearing...
baby grunts from the bassinet on the other side of the room, and boys talking in their sleep down the hall.

Around the house...
eight snoozing kids ... peace and quiet.

One of my favorite things...
receiving packages in the mail and telling the kids "No you can't look at this one ... it's for Christmas!"

A few plans for the rest of the week...
finish our 4H enrollment forms, accomplish our schoolwork, write the state article, work on TOS Homeschool Crew curriculum reviews, keep up with chores, and continue preparing for cold weather and the holidays. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Trying to Live Simply,
April E.


  1. Honey Bear and I have been talking of getting some chickens and building a little run for them at the end of our yard....although we both grew up with chickens, we've never had them ourselves...I would love to see a photo of your chicken coop and learn about what kind you have....its much cooler here in the mornings now but I'm not ready to turn on heat because we need the AC before the day is over....
    Mama Bear

  2. Love the way you wrote this post. So thoughtful.
    I adore getting the christmas presents in the mail months in advance and even telling the hubby he can't look.


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