Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking time ...

Yesterday, I took time.

I took time to notice a moment of peace among my children, when no one was fighting, and they were enjoying an activity together.

I took time to stare into my baby's changing eyes and see the brown beginning to show around her pupils.

I took time to notice that Baby V felt heavier and chubbier in my arms than she used to.

I took time to take photographs of our baby girl, and our kittens being cute.

I took time to enjoy my coffee.

I took time to watch my children rake leaves outside my kitchen window.  (They think it's fun, and look forward to their first raking of the season.   Of course, if we assigned this as a chore, it would lose its appeal.)

I took time to play with a science experiment with the kids.

I took time to snuggle 2 yo G as he fell asleep.

I took time to think about how much I appreciate my husband.

I didn't get my clean laundry folded, but I'm still glad I took time to focus on other things yesterday.

April E.


  1. It's really nice to take time to enjoy those things, isn't it? It really helps me to take time and do those things too.

  2. This was very nice to read. :) I have been feeling guilty for 'taking time' instead of keeping up, and I needed it. Thank you!


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