Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challege ~ Day 11

Today is Veteran's Day.  My family is full of veterans.  We are the lower middle class of America, the ones whose sons (and daughters) are most likely to enlist in the military.  My father and several of my uncles served in the Army and Navy.  Many of my cousins have been in the Army, Navy and Air Force.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are in the Air Force.

Some of those family members served a few years and then moved on to other careers.  Some of them (including my father) made the military their career, at least their first career.

My Dad gave 20 years to the Army.  I grew up in the Army.  Dad never was sent overseas into a combat situation, though there were times he packed up his gear to be sent, and then wasn't.   I was old enough to know what Just Cause meant for military families, and what Operation Desert Storm meant.  I was old enough to be afraid my Dad would be sent.

Now my husband is an Army Civilian.  We don't live on base, of course, but he's immersed in the world I grew up in.   He isn't enlisted, but he supports the Army and its operations each day when he goes to work.

Today I am thankful for those who serve in our military, and the civilians who also work for the military.  I'm thankful for the sacrifices they make for our country.  I'm thankful for the families who serve with them.  I'm thankful for the wives (and husbands), parents, and children who wait at home and pray for their military family member.

Thank you!

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April E.

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  1. Thank you for your post, and may God bless all of our veterans and their families.


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