Friday, November 12, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 12

My children have all been very imaginative.  I've always found it hard to enforce a one-toy-at-a-time rule because I saw how creatively they played with multiple toys.  I couldn't stifle that creativity.

And then there is the imaginative ways they have played with regular household items.  At one point, I couldn't get through a math lesson without pencils becoming people, and silverware at supper came alive, too.  I bought them felt dolls (like paper dolls) and dollhouse people, but the pencils and forks still turned into families.

Elementary-school seems to be the peak of this creative imagination stage.  It makes schoolwork and chores SLOW, and they often have to be retrieved from yet another "pretend game" to get back to work.  But despite that, I'm thankful for their imaginations.   I'm blessed that I get to be here with them, and see their imagination unfold each day.   I'm thankful they're home with me, as well.

But, right now, I need to go round up some delinquent elementary students and remind them that their math needs to be finished.

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April E.


  1. You made me very nostalgic, for the days when wooden spoons made great guitars, and crayons were airplanes. Enjoy your little ones.

  2. Creativity and imagination - a blessing and sometime a curse. ;) I too miss the days of my daughter being little. Thankfully, she still is quite imaginative when it comes to using items. And she too gets very side-tracked by the simplest of objects. lol!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Creativity is a very good trait. My oldest daughter is not that way, she has had to learn how to imagine things. She has always loved to read & draw, but she never really like to play.

  4. A beautiful thing to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing.


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