Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 17

Words are powerful.

When I was making a list of things I was thankful for to include in this gratitude challenge, my oldest daughter asked me if I was going to write about each of them.  At first, I balked because I was already planning to write about each of the ages/stages my children are in.  But then I thought about what she was really asking.

She was asking for a blessing.  She was longing for affirmation for who SHE is, not just the fun things about her age.    I realized that each of my children would appreciate reading a post all about them, what I enjoy about them, and knowing I'm thankful for them.  So at the risk of being redundant, I decided I would write about each of my children, even though I'd already written about their ages.

Today, I am thankful for  my 15 year old daughter.   15 yo A  shares my love of music and books.  She is my artsy, dreamy daughter.  She is full of ideals and hope.  She dreams big.  She is bright, caring, passionate, with a strong sense of justice.  She's beautiful and sweet, shy and fun.  Her sense of humor is quiet, but sharp.  She has a heart for God, and sees her own faults clearly.

I'm thankful for the deep conversations we have, and for the dreams she shares with me.  I'm thankful for the music she plays on the guitar or piano off and on each day.  I'm thankful for the help she gives in cleaning the house.  I'm thankful for the snuggles she shares with her youngest siblings.  I'm thankful for the ideas she gives her younger siblings for creative play.

Mostly, I'm thankful for her patience and forgiveness as she puts up with us as new parents to each age she reaches.  It's never easy to be the oldest child in a family.  It's probably harder to be the oldest child in a large family.  I know she has had to make sacrifices, of my time, and her own free time.  She has had to sacrifice space and the ability to do whatever she wishes whenever she wants.

Everyone has to make sacrifices, of course, and every child with siblings has to make sacrifices.   But I just want her to know that I'm thankful for the sacrifices that SHE makes.  She is a blessing to me, and to our family.

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April E.


  1. Thank you for letting us know about A. She sounds like a wonderful young lady, and a true blessing to your family.

  2. That is sweet of you to pick up on her request for affirmation. She sounds like a blessing.

  3. She sounds like a great girl on her way to being a beautiful young woman. Teen girls are awesome!!


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