Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 19

Today I'm thankful for 11 yo C -- my girl between.   She's between "the girls" and "the boys".   (Funny that we still call them that, though there are younger girls and boys behind these sets.)   She's between child and young woman.

She's our energizer bunny, our Tigger, the one we bought a leash for when she was 2.   She's the one we repeatedly lost in stores, the 2 year old who climbed the ladder into the tree and up to a roof edge while Daddy was working, the one who never stopped moving.   She can make your head spin with the speed of her words, but she brings a smile to your face.

She works hard with R, loves books, gives her 4 yo sister plenty of girl time, and has a wonderful imagination.  She is able to memorize and learn things quickly.  She's creative and full of ideas.

I love to see her beautiful smile and eyes each day.  I can't wait to watch her grow up and see how she uses all that energy and creativity.  What does God have in store for her?

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April E.


  1. It sounds like she keeps you on your toes. What a sweet combination of love, creativity, intelligence and energy. I'm glad you have been blessed by her!

  2. Another blessing in your home! What a precious girl! Thanks April for sharing about her! hugs!

  3. What a special girl! We have a boy like that, and it's quite a challenge to direct his energies in a constructive way -- but when he does something, he puts his ALL into it. Sounds like your daughter does that too. Have a great weekend!

  4. We call ours the bigs, middles, and littles. When we were watching the 2 year old, we had a tot too :) I like having them at all ages (we have adult kids too). Now, I need a couple more tots since we aren't watching the other one any more. Your daughter sounds like she keeps your household going :)

  5. C sounds like a wonderful daughter and an amazing sister! Wish her Happy Birthday from Oklahoma!



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