Sunday, November 21, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 21

Today I'm thankful for my 6 yo son, M.  My second son, he's always trying to keep up with and impress his older brother as well as his older sisters.

M is my paradox boy.  He's a daredevil at times, yet fearful  and cautious at other times -- especially  in group settings.  Though he can act impetuously, he's slow about decisions.  He's conscientious and particular about his work, wanting it to be just right.  M is sensitive, ornery, and sweet all at once.

He's smart and a quick learner!  He has learned to read really well, and is breezing through his math so far.  Despite that, he'd definitely prefer to be playing than doing schoolwork each day.  Sometimes, it is hard to get him to stay focused.

M is blessed to have a buddy in his 9 yo brother, as well as his 4 yo sister.  He plays easily with both of them, and enjoys both indoor and outdoor play.  He loves our cats and kittens, and his baby sister.

I sometimes lose patience with his particularity and his sensitivities.  I have to remind myself that his focus and detail orientation will be good skills in the workforce someday.    I'm thankful that God entrusted him to us to raise.

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April E.


  1. He sounds really cute~glad he's got his brothers too and you both as parents! Keep having that blessed evening! HUGS!

  2. I love reading about your children. They are all special and precious, aren't they? It's funny how even with the same parents, and living in the same house, they can all be so unique and special. Thank you for posting about M.

  3. I can always tell what a good mother you are by how you talk about your children. Keep sharing with us about them, and keep loving your children just like you do. You inspire us to do the same!

  4. Some of my kids have asked me why I didn't say "this" or "that" about the other kids. I told them I was posting things I was thankful for about them ... not all the dirty details of their faults and our struggles. LOL!! I have days I am so focused on the struggles that I'm not being positive or thankful, though. Too often.


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