Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 22

Today I'm thankful for L, my 4 yo princess.  She's an outgoing, people-loving ham.  She loves to GO anywhere, and hates to be left out of anything. She's the other "one of those" I referred to earlier -- the extroverted entertainer.

She says the funniest things, and keeps us laughing with her little 'tude.   Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth are just so unusual for a 4 year old.  I suppose that is the difference between a 4 yo girl with teenage sisters, and a 4 yo girl with only young sisters, as we'd previously had.

She loves her family, though she can really "get into it" with her 2 yo and 6 yo brothers at times.  She's ornery but sweet.  She loves to color and "do school", though she's having to re-learn WHERE she's allowed to color at the moment.  (In fact, almost all of our art supplies are currently in time-out due to her artistic experimentation.)

L loves nothing more than being allowed to help in the kitchen.  13 yo R will often allow L to help her bake a snack for the family.   She's a princess, but not too girly.  She can keep up with her brothers outside pretty well, and she's tough.  If they cross her, she'll stand up for herself.

L is another blessing in our lives.  Where would we be without the laughter she inspires, and her loving hugs?

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April E.


  1. How sweet! It's great she has older siblings to "help!" My only girl is such a blessing in helping the littles to get going with their chores. Just today she taught her little brother how to clean the litterbox! A good thing. Blessings to you today!

  2. Truly a blessing to have such love and energy in one's life! Thanks for sharing her specialness~have a blessed day! HUGS!

  3. She sounds so precious! Loved reading your post.

  4. Your princess sounds like "a live wire"....such fun! We have a granddaughter that is 4 and she is a firecracker in a princess body! LOL


  5. I love little girls, and if I'm lucky enough to adopt one one day, I'd love a little one like your "L". The perfect combination - a little bit of princess a sprinkle of toughness, and a big helping of fun and creative. It's not easy keeping up with the big kids, but it sounds like she's doing a great job. She sounds like a sweetheart.


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