Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 23

I'm thankful for my 2 year old son, G.  He doesn't say much.  In fact, if you ask him to say something, he'll probably refuse with a twinkle in his eye and a smile behind his pacifier.  Then he'll lay his head on my shoulder, stick his hand up my sleeve, and snuggle in.  He's too busy to bother with learning new words, although I fully believe he CAN say them, but doesn't think it's necessary.  He can usually communicate without them.  He's developed his own sign language, even though his hearing is perfectly fine.

He does talk, though we definitely need to work on his clarity, and on putting together words into sentences.  Last night he said C's name, R's name, A's name, Gramma, Mama, Dada, and roared like a lion.  He also says animal names, and car.  He can talk.  He just prefers not to most of the time.  (His two older brothers were the same way until the month before they turned two.  He's a bit slower than they were, since he turned 2 two months ago, but I know he'll catch up.)

He's tactile, energetic, and curious.  He's smart, and funny.   He loves to tease, and be teased.  He enjoys having older siblings to help him, entertain him, and love on him.  He enjoys having a baby sister to love on, as well.  He kisses her, gives her her pacifier, pats her back, and lays his cheek on her cheek.  Sometimes he just sits on my lap and holds her hand while I'm holding them both.

He's only 2 and 2 months, so he's still got a lot of "baby" mixed in with his "big boy-ness."  And that's fine.  We're not rushing him.   We're enjoying the snuggles while we can.

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April E.


  1. Isn't that babyness such a blessing. I too enjoy snuggles with my youngest. I know those days will be gone all too soon.

  2. Two is so much fun. I loved that age, still a "baby" but showing off new skills everyday. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love to watch videos of my boys when they were that age. They were too adorable. It sounds like your little G is, too. Enjoy those snuggles. They grow so fast! *sigh*

  4. I miss those baby snuggles...enjoy them!


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