Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 4

I remember when Steve first set up our computer to get on the internet at home.  I'd never had an email address before then, and I'd never searched the web.  It wasn't as user friendly at that time, and I wasn't sure where to start to find anything that interested me.  But I found yahoo, and from there I found a website for stay at home parents.  From there, I found cloth diaper websites, homeschool websites, ebay, etc.

That was over 13 years ago, when my second child was just 2 months old.  Since then, the internet has changed our life and everyone's life.  There is an 80+ year old man in our town who even uses the internet at the library.  I smile every time I see him there.

I'm thankful for the internet, which helps me connect with other stay at home parents, and homeschool parents, around the world.

I'm thankful for the money we're able to save by shopping for lower prices on the internet.  I'm thankful I can shop without leaving my house, dragging all the kids through store after store.

I'm thankful that it allows me to have an outlet for my writing, and it lets me feed my reading addiction, as well.

I'm thankful that it helps me stay in touch with my family and friends.  When my extended family gets to joking around on facebook, it's like a family reunion.  I love that we can all talk, tease, and keep up on each other's life so easily.   I love that my parents can see pictures of their grandchildren easily, and I can see my nieces and nephews.

I can't imagine life without the internet now.  Sometimes that's a bad thing, but most of the time it's a blessing!

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Be Blessed!
April E.


  1. I often say that I am glad to homeschool in the internet age. So helpful!

  2. I'm very thankful for the internet. When I reflect back to its early days with barebones forums (of sorts, I just can't remember what they were called!), I am amazed at all we can do on-line these days.

  3. I love the way the internet allows us to meet others homemakers and homeshoolers. It is like visiting over the backyard fence with people who live all over.


  4. There seems to be an internet theme going on today :) I do so much online, I couldn't imagine life without the internet! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yayyy for the internet~I'm with you, it's fantastic and HOW PROGRESSIVE it stays! hugs!

  6. Great points, April! I think I first started surfing the internet about the same time--about 13 years ago. Amazing the changes since then--and how we can develop long-distance friendships with homeschoolers across the country and across the globe!

  7. I laugh when I think about how I had to type in a command for windows from my DOS platform, used internet relay chat, and thought Prodigy and AOL were the coolest things ever. We've come a long way, and I love the internet!

  8. Funny....the first thing I typed in to search online when we got the internet....adoption :)


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