Friday, November 26, 2010

Funnies from my Older Kids

Wednesday morning my 13 yo R woke up and told me she'd had a nightmare.  Not a freaky scary nightmare, but a very bad dream.

She then went on to tell me that she dreamed our whole family overslept today and missed all the Black Friday early-bird specials.   In her dream, she came to us crying to wake us up and tell us we'd missed out on Black Friday shopping.

At that point, I burst out laughing!

You'd have to know R ... she is my social butterfly and she loves shopping.  She has woken up at 4 am before to leave with Steve to Black Friday shop before he had to work on Friday.  Then she stayed at work with him all day ... just so she'd have the chance to Black Friday shop.  She is committed to it!  She loves it!   Some people would think GOING Black Friday shopping was a nightmare, but not R.  Missing it is a nightmare.

Later on Wednesday morning, 9 yo J came to me and asked me if I thought he had a chance as a football player some day.  I didn't really answer him, because though I hate to discourage dreams, I hate to encourage too much an unlikely dream.

Not getting an immediate response, J then went on to say, "Because it'd be a shame to waste all these muscles."

I deserve lots of credit for NOT bursting out laughing, or even cracking a smile, at that point.  But I made a note to be sure to blog about it later.  ;)

J wasn't pleased with my lack of answer, so we had the same conversation a short time later.  This time I assured him that football was NOT the only way to use muscles.  He then asked if I meant wrestling.  I assured him professional sports were not the only way to use muscles, but that there were lots of ways to use muscles for paid work and for hobbies.

I love my kids!
April E.


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  2. Mrs. Dora Lee ( Phillips ; ) WhitneyNovember 27, 2010 at 3:02 AM

    * LAUGH out L O U D ! I love it ! = ) Larissa & Todd went out 2 Wm. before 5, yesterday morn.; since she wanted 2 purchase the 32" TV, that was on the early bird special. They decided the long lines weren't worth it. So Todd bo't supplies 2 chg. oil in the van. He & I went back out after 8 a.m. There were none left in the aisle, so he ckd. the electronics dept., where they'd scouted them out the nt. b4. Sure Enough : There were 3 boxed 1s, below the display item ! Todd couldn't get ckd. out fast enough, as people kept asking him WHERE he found I T ! He told 1 inquiring man, whom we later spotted holding the TV, while gazing at NFL reruns on the display wall ( like the dad in " A Christmas Story " admiring the leg lamp, glowing in his window ; ) Then, we saw another lady that had seen us in the Bissell section, that replaced her sweeper w/ the 32" Emerson ! We went back out before 11 a.m. w/ just a basket ( 2 better navigate the MAZE ) There was 1 box remaining in electronics. I asked Todd if he wanted 2 purchase it for our basement. He said an EMPHATIC " N O ! " L O L ! = )

  3. I love hearing about your children's funnies! Too cute. Have a great week April!


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