Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girl Scout Mom Fails

I'm Girl Scout Mom.  I have always needed to carry a large purse because I like to be prepared.   My purse is my home away from home.  It has nail clippers, tweezers, band-aids, lip balm, lotion, several pens, paper, tylenol, cough drops, the bathroom medicine cabinet, and the kitchen sink, too.

When I became a Mom that naturally carried over to my diaper bag.  It is stocked with more than just extra diapers and wet wipes.  It has spare burp cloths, a blanket, a nursing cover,  spare pacifiers, diaper creams, baby tylenol,  spare clothes, teething gel, travel bibs, snacks, an extra sippy cup, and bendable straws so the kids don't spill while tilting cups with straight straws at restaurants.  It's a changing table on the go.

Of course, between the diaper bag and the purse, I look like a camel when I go out in public.  I've got two humps on my back.  I'm a wide load going through doorways and tight spaces.  With an infant carrier on my left arm, and the purse and diaper bag over my right shoulder, I'm always bumping into things.   I just get used to muttering "Excuse me.  I'm sorry.  Pardon me." as I try to maneuver through the foyer at church on Sunday.

I've needed to rely on that diaper bag a lot lately.  At Bible Study 2 weeks ago, Baby V had a blow-out.  She's getting really good at those.  I changed her outfit and all was well.  I was prepared, because I'm Girl Scout Mom.  Those couple years in a girl scout troop really paid off for me.  No problem at all, other than the disruption of having to leave the room mid-discussion to change her.

A few days later we were at the library when she started to fuss.  I lifted her out of her infant carrier only to realize she'd blessed me with another diaper leak.  I headed to the bathroom with my enormous pink diaper bag to change her.   I set up my portable changing station and then dug to the bottom for my spare outfit.   The one I'd used on Sunday at Bible Study.  Not there.  I'd forgotten to restock the diaper bag.  Thankfully, it was just a small leak along the thigh,  rather than an up-the-back total blowout.  Despite that,  it was a very visible yellow stain against the white outfit she had on as we finished our library visit.

I restocked the diaper bag with a fresh outfit and some extra burp cloths as soon as we got home.  Once again, I was prepared to save the day as Girl Scout Mom.  Baby V can leak all she wants because I'm ready.

Last night at church, I took 2 yo G and Baby V to the toddler nursery to wait for the other kids to be done with their classes.  I had brought a book to read and was happily rocking Baby V and watching G play when Steve called me.  I was chatting with Steve on the phone when I saw it -- the double wet line around G's backside that meant he'd had a diaper leak.  I ran him to the changing table, and then went to the diaper bag for all the necessities.  Except there wasn't a spare outfit for him.  Apparently at some point I'd decided he was beyond that need.  I hadn't factored in a surprise case of diarrhea.

Girl Scout Mom fails ... again.  I lamented to Steve on the phone that I had no spare outfit.  My mind raced to the "spare diaper bag" we like to keep in the vehicle for times like this, when we forget to restock the diaper bag.  Except I realized we hadn't yet moved it from the Suburban to Beatrice, our 15 passenger van.

So 2 yo G played wearing just a shirt, diaper and shoes until the end of church.  Then I put his coat on him.  Yes, his coat.  It was a very cold night.  After parading through the church to pick up his siblings from their classes, we wrapped Baby V's pink and yellow double-flannel blanket around his legs and his 15 yo sister carried him to the van.  I put a receiving blanket on Baby V over the fleece bunting she had on, and carried her to the van.  Everyone could see that we'd encountered an issue, as G's naked legs were rather obvious as we walked around the church building to pick up his siblings.

When we got home, I quickly moved the lap blankets and spare diaper bag from the Suburban to Beatrice.  But when I opened the spare diaper bag to see how stocked it was, I noticed it was stocked with size 2 diapers for G (who has been in 3s for ages) and size 5 diapers for L (who is now potty-trained.)  No spare clothes.  Hmm.

I brought the spare diaper bag inside to update the diaper sizes, and I added an outfit for G to my already humongous pink diaper bag.   We are once again back in business.  The camel's hump just grew a little larger, but they can both have blow-outs and I'll be prepared.   Until I forget to re-stock the diaper bag again.

Back in business,
April E.


  1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean! I also have a 5yo who wets the bed, so if we're out and she falls asleep in the car she may have an accident if she's not gone to the bathroom recently - sigh. Talk about carrying clothing for half the house! She's also the one who gets carsick...

  2. I do have a 6 year old who has thrown up in the car twice in the past two years. I should put a spare outfit in the car for him. The first time he did it we were in the middle of an 800 mile trip to Grandma's. That incident could be a blog post all its own. We've learned to pay attention if he says he has a headache. It often is followed by either a nap or vomiting or both. I think it's migraines. Once he naps or throws up (or both) he feels better again. At the very least, I should put some gallon size freezer bags near his car seat.


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