Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homeschooling At The Speed Of Life

I haven't read the book by Marilyn Rockett, but I feel like I'm "homeschooling at the speed of life" these days.  I was just thinking about how my days lately are a series of deadlines to try not to miss:  4H paperwork, potlucks to contribute to, appointments, deadlines, getting the kids to their events on time, holiday planning and shopping.  And in all of that rush, plus the regular tasks of caring for a family, I don't feel like I'm being very purposeful about homeschooling, home making, or anything.  It's happening, but not in the most organized or exciting way.

I haven't had one of those amazing homeschool days that just are so perfect you have to blog about them.  I haven't had one of those wonderful parenting moments that are so wonderful you want to tell the world about it.  I haven't had a meal turn out so great that I knew others would want my recipe.  I haven't been the homemaking queen who can give tips to others on how to do it all and keep the house looking great, too.

I have thought about updating on our family, but there isn't that much going on other than the daily humdrum of life:  schoolwork, housework, the kids fighting, the kids playing, the Mom pushing and prodding, the Dad working, the garden rotting outside.

I'm trying to focus on the baby, but she's now 7 weeks old and my "baby break" should be over.  I can't use her as an excuse for my laziness and lack of preparation much longer.  I need to get my act together, otherwise it's going to get really ugly when I have a meltdown around December 15 about all I still need to accomplish for Christmas.  Yes, very ugly.

Then January 1 will roll around and I'll look at our school year and suddenly panic.  The kids will be looking around in a confused manner as their Mom suddenly goes crazy and turns into "PRINCIPAL MOM" instead of loving teacher Mom.  Their workload will be doubled and they'll be groaning under the weight of the pressure Mom is piling on them.  Then everyone will burn out and the year will DRAG through to the end.

Yes, I need to get my act together, get this thing called life with all its busy-ness under control.  I can't promise that I'll be posting recipes, organizational tips, and perfect homeschool days ... but I do need to at least feel as if I'm not always behind.  Because at the moment, something is always behind.  Usually it's the laundry, dishes, and vacuuming.

April E.


  1. I can really relate to you....sometimes life isn't very intentional, but at least you're proactive and see what needs to be done! I enjoyed your post a lot and it makes me feel like I have some company!

  2. Oh April, I completely understand the feelings. And I know my kids live in fear of Principal Mom coming out sometime after the baby - though I would probably end up more like Drill Sergeant Mom. ((HUGS))

    As for getting ready for Christmas, my best tip is to spend an evening online and shop that way this year. ;-) It will all be delivered right to your door.

  3. Ditto on paragraph #2! I need some good blog fodder.

    The word 4-H leaped out at me. You do 4-H?! Oh good. You can help me. Please? :D

    Oh, and I don't think your baby break is over at 7 wks post-partum. For me it's more like 7 years. I am just now getting over my last baby, lol.


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