Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm just sayin' ...

A few random thoughts that have been rumbling through my mind  and don't deserve a post of their own:

1.  Clear pacifiers are a bad idea.  What was Gerber thinking?  And which pacifier designer is going to spend a day at my house helping me locate all my lost CLEAR pacifiers?  They're hard enough to find when they're colored.

2.  Glass drinkware is not for families with kids.  Plastic drinkware is much more appropriate.  I'd forgotten.   But I'm getting reminded on a regular basis of why I used to LOVE my Tupperware glasses.

3.  Large families apparently need a schedule for the TV, so everyone gets a chance to watch what interests them.  Either that or I need to give up my aversion to more than one TV in the home.  Gasp.  Gurgle.  Groan.  It's killing me to even type that.  Schedule=dirty word.  Multiple TVs=dirty words.

4.  I smell cigarettes this morning.  Yet no one smokes in our family and I'm out in the boonies away from other homes or people.  Actually, my nose/mind does this on occasion, especially if it's slightly congested.  It's a phantom smell.  I've had this issue for 5  years, I think.

5.  My kids don't understand this, but a clean home is restful to me.  When the floor is picked up and the table is clear, I'm calmer.  I don't care about the dust.  I don't care about whether the floor was mopped.  I just like to see a semblance of order, so I can relax.

I'm just sayin' ...
April E.


  1. LOL! I'm with you on the drinkware. We use JARS. We save jelly jars, peanut butter jars, all our jars we save and use for drinking. Then when they break it's ok. And, I totally understand about the clean home! Order brings peace. I'm so glad you wrote this post -- I needed to laugh! Blessings...

  2. I understand those things and agree. ;-) Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. I keep telling my kids this about the picked up house. I keep telling my kids that I would be a more enjoyable mommy if there wasn't stuff on the floor!

  4. My kids use plastic cups, my dh prefers plastic, me...I want a glass glass :) TV - I have control of the remote and TV guide. I may throw out 2 or 3 ideas and we vote. Or I may just number them and have them pick numbers and the most votes for that number is the show we watch. Rarely is there much for choices anyway tho. I'm just sayin' LOL


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