Monday, November 22, 2010

just so you know we're normal ...

Someone in my family learned a new word in their science lessons.


Now guess what word I hear over and over?


And bowels.

Will posting this embarrass them? I hope so.  Maybe then they'll stop before they end up embarrassing ME by saying it in public like this.


Rolling eyes,
April E.


  1. LOL!! Good to know your children do things like that too! (I also have a husband who usually joins them in their antics...sigh....) Blessings April!

  2. LOL Whew! Glad mine aren't the only ones as well. When doing Bible readings, I change the one word to donkey as well. I figured if I use the other word the kids would lose all composure and they'd be naming every single one we see in people's pasture, one being less than a mile from our house and we have to pass every time we go to town. Kids! Gotta love 'em lol

  3. I will always remember my little brother (7 years younger) coming home from Kindergarten and announcing proudly that he'd learned a new word that day: mucus. My mom was grossed out and horrified (because he started using it as often as possible..."Mom, there's mucus coming out of my nose." etc), I was laughing hysterically (not only was the word funny, but out of everything he was taught, THAT was what he remembered!), and he was utterly proud of himself. Hahahaha. Such a good story now. Someday yours will be a good story, too.




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