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Carmex Moisture Plus Review and Giveaway!

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I have loved Carmex lip balm since I was in college.  I'd never heard of it before I moved to the midwest to attend college, and everyone was using Carmex in a little jar with a yellow lid.  It was new to me, and I was soon addicted to it. Then Carmex came out with the tubes, and I was even happier.

About 2 months ago my husband came home with two packages of Carmex Moisture Plus ultra hydrating lip balm.  He brought home a clear Moisture Plus, and the peach tinted Moisture Plus.  My first thought was, "Cool!  Carmex makes lip gloss now!" (Yes, I know this was a highly intelligent response.  But at least I'm honest.) I immediately opened one lip balm to try out, and put the other one away for stocking stuffing.

Just a few weeks later, I was accepted to join the Carmex Blog Squad to post reviews and giveaways of Carmex products on my blog.  The first review item they sent was two tubes of Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm.  Yay for me!   My 15 year old daughter immediately ran off with the Sheer Pink tinted Moisture Plus.  I think her first response was also, "Cool!  Carmex makes lip gloss now!" Though she may have added in an "I know, right?"

Now, what do I think about the Carmex Moisture Plus? I really like it.  It is smoother, lighter, and glossier than Carmex in the tube or jar.   It's not  sticky or heavy like some of those glue-trap lip glosses that are always trying to catch wisps of hair the Kansas wind blows their way.  The Moisture Plus doesn't do that.

Carmex Moisture Plus is long-lasting.  The shine and color does start to wear off, but the moisturizing and smooth feeling lasts much longer.   This is not just a lip gloss, but a very  moisturizing lip balm with the added benefit of being shiny and pretty.  Vitamin E and aloe provide the moisture our lips need here in Kansas with the cold wind chapping them all winter long.   Best of all,  it still has the refreshing Carmex tingle.

The Moisture Plus comes in Clear, Sheer Pink and Sheer Peach.   The tinted variety is only slightly tinted.  My daughter put on the Sheer Pink and it didn't make any difference in her lip color, though it was noticeable when I wore the Sheer Peach.  (Tinted Moisture Plus is only available at Walgreens.)  I will say that the Sheer Peach is better suited for warm skin tones or darker skin tones.  On me (pale woman that I am), it was not the best color.

The Sheer Pink or Clear would be excellent to give to a young tween girl wanting to wear lip gloss.  It'd satisfy her desire for shine while still keeping her lips protected from winter cold and summer sun.  (Did I forget to mention that the Moisture Plus does have SPF 15 protection?)

I'm not a lipstick gal.  For one thing, I hate spending money to try to find the perfect color, and decide after a month that this color isn't going to work.  Waste of money.  For another thing, I hate having to reapply it all day long.  And lastly, I hate that it can rub off on my kids or my clothes and stain stuff.  I have too much to do to worry about lipstick stains.

I'm a lip balm gal.  But a tinted shiny lip balm is great, because it dresses me up when I'm facing the world.  (Yes, I did put a tube of the Carmex tinted Moisture Plus into my purse.  Right in the front pocket so I can access it quickly and easily.)

An added benefit of the Carmex Moisture Plus is that your husband and sons will stop using your lip balm.  Seriously.  They might try it once, but if you look at them and ask them why they put on your lip gloss, they'll stop.  Besides, it looks like lip gloss in its long slender tube with the slanted tip.  It's definitely made for us girls.  If you're really nice, you might still carry some regular Carmex in your purse for them.

And now for the giveaway ...  just in time for your stocking stuffing needs!

I have 2 tubes of  Carmex Moisture Plus to give away, in Sheer  Peach and Sheer Pink.    These will go to one lucky winner, (United States only)!

Mandatory Entry -- visit My Carmex and look at their products!  Leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite?  An old standard, or something new?

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This giveaway will CLOSE on Monday, December 13 at midnight, CST.   I will draw a winner and announce it on Tuesday, December 14.  And I will mail the package as soon as I receive an address from the winner, so it will arrive in time for Christmas stocking stuffing.  And I won't tell if  you stuff your own stocking with it.   If the winner doesn't respond to me by Thursday, December 16, I will draw a new winner.

But this isn't the only chance you have to win Carmex products.  You can request a  free sample from My Carmex.  50 winners are chosen each week.
I was given these items free to review as a member of the Carmex Blog Squad.  No other compensation has been given, and this is my honest opinion.

April E.


  1. And I follow your blog! (Duh!)

  2. I would love the tinted lip stuff that you're giving away. I'd also like to try their lotions.

  3. Oh Carmex is AWESOME!! haha Now that I think about it I haven't bought any in forever though. LOL :-)
    Hey Mrs. April I was also just wondering why the comments on my blog aren't working, like why can't people comment? Any help would be appreciated. God Bless ya!!
    ~Rachel ?

  4. I have never used the moisture plus, but I like the carmax in the little tin.

  5. I'd like to try the strawberry in a tube!

  6. I'd like to try the peach Moisture Plus. We gather lip chap products like we do dust. :) I have better use for the lip products, though. Please enter me.

  7. I followed you. Entry #2, please.

  8. I subscribed to your feed, for entry #3.

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  13. I would like to try their new lotion.

  14. We have always loved the little Carmex pots...only thing that works for the kiddos little chapped lips.

  15. I still love the old standby in the tube or the little round dispenser, it's great for chapped lips! That said, I love the idea of a gloss, and would love to try it.

  16. I like the little Carmex pots. My grandma always gave those to us for Christmas, so it's a sentimental thing. ;)

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