Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sibling Comfort

2 year old G has a really large security blanket.  He can't drag it around with him,  but it is somewhat portable.  It's skin.  Specifically the skin on the arms of his family members.

He'll tuck his hand up the sleeve of me, or his Dad, or his older sisters, or even his older brothers.  When he's tired, not feeling well, or just needing reassurance, he snuggles up next to one of us and starts rubbing our arms.  If all else fails, and we're all busy or our laps are full, he'll even sit on the floor and stick his hand up our pant leg instead.

We've been reassured by others whose children have been through this that he will outgrow it.  And we've noted that he does not rub the arms of nursery workers at church, so he is keeping it confined to the family.  No one has to worry that he'll stretch out their sleeves the way he stretches ours out.

Since Baby V was born, I've often sat holding her while he rubs my arm.  Sometimes he'll take his hand out of my sleeve, reach out and rub her hand instead.  He'll even stick a couple of his fingers up her tiny sleeve for a minute or two.  He's bonding with Baby V.

This week, though, we have found him trying to comfort her on more than one occasion.  When she cries, he sits down beside her, pulls his sleeve up to his elbow and puts her hand on his arm.  If she won't keep it there (which she doesn't when she's really upset) he'll put his arm up by her cheek instead.

He wants to share his security blanket with her.   Except, she doesn't want his security blanket.  He can't understand why she doesn't want to rub his skin, because he really thinks it will calm his 2 month old sister down.

It's funny, and sweet.  Just like 2 yo G.

Smiling and snuggling,
April E.


  1. It is cute and sweetly nice! Love the topper on your blog! Looks great!


  2. My heart just melted. (At least it's not a mess that I have to clean up!) That is just the sweetest thing! I love how children learn to relate to one another and express love and comfort based on how they experience it. How sweet that G is learning to bond with Baby V in a way that he has bonded with the rest of those he loves!


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