Thursday, February 3, 2011

chatter, chatter, chatter

You know, all day long I have tried to come to the computer to post something cozy.  I kept thinking of ideas I could post like:

  • snow is on the ground, the roast is in the crockpot,  and school is underway

  • 4 yo L loves to help me peel carrots and potatoes for supper, though I usually finish everything else before she finishes one

  • the baby is asleep, the roast is starting to smell yummy, and all the children are finishing their schoolwork

  • the chickens are laying eggs again, so they've spared themselves from the butcher

  • snow is cold, messy, beautiful, and I'm tired of it ... except I do like seeing bunny, cat and dog tracks in the snow

  • I pulled out my cloth diapers again today and will try to use them with Baby V and 2 yo G again

  • We're testing out several new curriculum items we're really enjoying!

  • 4 yo L has a laugh that makes EVERYONE else laugh with her

I kept planning to post it "right after this".   And every time, something would come up to stop me again.  And nothing got posted.

I was trying to post something DAILY in February.  I think I'm failing.  I can't post daily (notice Feb. 1 is empty), and I've been too busy writing upcoming reviews, trying to overcome the mountain of laundry, and overseeing schoolwork, to post anything significant yesterday or today.

I might have taken the wrong challenge.  Or at least in the wrong month.

But at least you know I was thinking of you all ... all day long!

April E.


  1. Yep, but I'm glad to be a part of the testing group!

  2. Oh, April, the Challenge is just a way to encourage you to post as often as you can, and to share your posts so that you get more readers. And look ... I read it! :-D

    I am very, very weary of snow and cold myself. Very weary.

  3. I liked this post. I'm glad that everything is going well.
    I am from the TOS Crew and am now following you. Please follow me. Thank you!

  4. April,

    I can totally relate to the mountain of laundry, the schooling, the reviews . . . and the difficulty coming up with a good post daily.

    Sometimes I just post about the crazy things which seem to be happening here, and call it good. Some days I'm tired and just glad to post some funny photos and share my day. And not have to post something full of wisdom, truth and beauty. ;) Take the pressure off and post what you feel like, when you can. :)


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