Friday, February 25, 2011

Preparing for our Lenten Devotions

We don't achieve family devotions year-round. However, Steve has faithfully led us in Advent devotions for the past 8 years. We've read through the Advent trilogy by Arnold Ytreeide two complete times and are 2/3 way through it a third time. I realize not everyone approves of the cliff-hanger novel style of this devotional series, but we enjoy it.

We've been eagerly waiting for the Lenten devotional we'd heard that Arnold Ytreeide was writing. First, we heard it was coming out, then we heard he'd lost a publisher for it, then we heard he had found a new publisher, and we kept waiting. Well, it's finally published!

Steve and I ordered our copy of Amon's Adventure and are eagerly waiting for Ash Wednesday to arrive (March 9) so we can begin reading the book as a family. Not just because we want to read about Jotham as an adult. Not just because we know it will be an exciting cliff-hanger for our family to read together. Not just because it will be a new story after reading the other series several times. But because we enjoy how Mr. Ytreeide's stories help put our family IN the time and helps the children understand and relate to the true meaning of Christmas (and now Easter).

I read the introduction the other day, and appreciated Mr. Ytreeide's suggestion that we give up selfishness for Lent. I'll definitely encourage my children (and myself) to focus on being selfless through-out Lent, and having a servant's heart. It will probably take lots of reminders. I should find a corresponding Bible verse to post somewhere prominent.

Does your family do devotions regularly, or seasonally? Do you have anything special planned for Lent celebrations in your family?

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  1. With Lent practically around the corner, I need to get focused. We typically each pick something to fast from during Lent or something to ADD to our lives that helps us grow closer in our relationship with God.

    I read a great blog post about fasting from complaining and am seriously considering that one. I'm sure I complain more than I realize.


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