Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rolling right along ...

Baby V has been able to roll from back to front for awhile, but she wasn't very happy on her tummy, so we usually  had to flip her back over onto her back.  Thankfully, she didn't do it very often.

But last week she figured out how to roll from her tummy onto her back again.  She can roll both ways now, which means she's mobile.  We can place her on a blanket with some toys, and with much effort, one roll at a time, she moves off the blanket.  It's about time,  since she'll be 5 months old tomorrow.  You'd think her nice round belly would make rolling easier, but from all the grunting she does, it must not be true.

I told the children this day would come, and the older ones knew it from experience.  But I don't think my 2 yo and 4 yo believed me.  They probably thought  she'd be happy in a bouncy seat forever.    Now they have to be more diligent about keeping the floor picked up and vacuumed.  We have a baby on the go!

April E.

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