Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blessing my husband and my 2 year old

I just finished blessing my hubby by changing our sheets.  In the process of doing that, I REALLY blessed him by turning our mattress around.  This mattress is 9 years old and we're trying to make-do with it as long as we can.  The problem is that Steve's side sags and doesn't support his back well enough.   I had noticed this morning when he got up that his side of the bed was really bad again.


It's a pillow-top mattress so we can't flip it over; we can only turn it.  It's a king size set and we've even turned our box springs and mattress sideways for a year before.  We might have to do that again sometime this summer.  But it's even more complicated to get the mattress out of the way and maneuver the box springs in our tiny bedroom.  I can't do it without Steve's help.


When I changed the sheets, I replaced the down comforter with our Spring/Fall quilt.   But since I knew Steve might feel cold with the lighter blanket, I switched to our heaviest flannel sheets.  Hopefully that will help us get through these transitional days of early Spring.  I love the colorful print of my quilt after a winter of a (blah) cream-colored down comforter.


Just as I finished changing the bed all around my 2 yo came into the room, wanting to be held.  I picked him up and discovered he is running a fever.  I have no idea what virus he's been hit with, but he's definitely sick.  So now I'm holding my 2 yo and blessing him with some Mommy-comfort.  Poor Baby!


As I sit here I'm considering how my plans will have to change.  I had planned to take kids to evening church and then run to the library with 2 yo G and Baby V until it was time to pick the older kids up again.  I can't do that with him running a fever.  I guess I'll have to go into town early and have a teen run into the library to do our returns and pick up my holds before I drop them off at church.  Steve or I will have to run back to pick them up after church, and a longer library visit will have to wait until Saturday when Steve is home.


I hope everyone else stays healthy.  I am more than ready for a healthy family.


April E.

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