Friday, March 18, 2011

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm - ORANGE flavor


One of my new favorite scents/lotions is a mandarin orange lotion.  I love how fresh it smells for Spring and Summer.  Well, I have found a yummy smelling lip balm to match it.

Carmex™ sent me a trial tube of their new orange flavored Moisture Plus™ lip balm.  They sent out a tube to 150 bloggers to get feedback, so they can decide whether to continue to develop and market this new lip balm flavor. I've reviewed the Moisture Plus tinted lip balms in the past, and I love this new orange-flavored untinted lip balm!


I hope that Carmex™ does continue to develop and market this orange-flavored lip balm.  The clear shine is perfect for all skin tones and the slanted tip makes it easy to apply.  It's smooth on my lips and very moisturizing.  There is still a slight menthol-tingly feel to it, even though the flavor and scent is softly orange.  It reminds me of orange sherbet or orange creamsicles!


I'm addicted to it right now and I keep returning to my purse throughout the day to refresh my lips.  I actually prefer the orange flavor over the ever-present cherry flavor.   Carmex™,  please bring the orange flavored Moisture Plus™ lip balm to our store shelves!  I'll need to replace this tube eventually, so I can continue to match my lip balm to one of my favorite lotion scents.


What about you?  Do you like the sound of an orange-flavored clear lip balm?


This product was received free from the Carmex Blog Squad, for testing and review purposes.  It is not currently available in stores, though I hope it eventually will be.


April E.

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