Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The flu has its grip on our family

Every child is sick, or has been recently sick. Everyone is coughing. I'm still recovering from the flu myself. My voice is slowly returning, but the cough continues.


There isn't much school going on at the moment. The kids who are capable on a given day do whatever they can on their own, but today, only two are capable of schoolwork. They were hit with the flu first, before their siblings.


Life is a little messy. Okay, it's a lot messy. It can't help but be messy when first Mom and one of her main helpers gets the flu, and then everyone else gets it before they're fully recovered.
But at least we homeschool. It provides flexibility. We can do whatever schoolwork we can manage while we're sick, or we can just decide to take a break. We can extend the school year a week longer to make up for the time off, or we can have an educational tv week instead and learn while we also rest.


And even if we take the week off and don't count it as school, I know they're still learning life lessons. They're learning how to deal with frustration, how to put others' needs first, how to be patient, how to share the tv, how to serve sick family members, and when we're all better, we'll practice how to clean a house.


So instead of being frustrated with abandoned lesson plans and sick kids lying all over the living room, I'll just be thankful we homeschool. And I'll be thankful for the lessons we are learning this week, even if it wasn't the ones we would have chosen.


Trusting in Him,
April E.

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