Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giving Thanks ...

Today I am thankful for ...

  1. clothes drying on the line

  2. breezes through open windows

  3. green flowers beginning to push their way through the ground

  4. birds singing everywhere

  5. green and tan eggs from my hens

  6. eight healthy children

  7. Celtic music

  8. children working together

  9. a youth group my teens enjoy attending

  10. ministry leaders and teachers who love my children at church

  11. my loving, hardworking husband

  12. music and musicals

  13. PBS concerts

  14. being able to spend each day home with my children

  15. green beginning to break through the dead brown of winter

  16. farm life

  17. wheat fields

  18. chick days at the feed store

  19. nursing my baby

  20. a cozy home (sometimes a little too cozy)

  21. my parents and sisters

  22. a full pantry

  23. quiet moments

  24. conversations with my children

  25. sunshine

  26. soft fluffy clouds in blue skies

  27. dates with my husband

  28. on-line friends

  29. TOS Homeschool Crew

  30. facebook

  31. running water

  32. electricity

  33. roly-poly babies

  34. life

  35. God


Praising Him,
April E.

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