Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A hidden benefit of homeschooling

When the very first thunderstorm of Spring arrives, and the smell of rain drifts in the window, your kids can drop their books and run outside to enjoy the smell and feel of the rain and the sound of the thunder.  Too bad it didn't last long.


Of course, there is also the ability to listen to Les Miserables, daily, while doing schoolwork.  Daily, for two weeks.


And if you finish your schoolwork early, you can watch Despicable Me.


Definite benefits.


April E.


  1. Ah, Despicable Me, one of my Husband's favorites :-)

    Mine aren't into Les Mis yet. However I can't get them to stop playing the cd for Song School Latin. I guess that isn't a terrible thing at least and it is way better than other children's music options.


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