Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laundry as a symptom of a larger problem

The 3-bin laundry hamper in my bedroom is almost empty.  There are only a few items in one bin of it, but even that bin was empty yesterday.  Though I noticed some clothes on my boys' floor that will likely be dragged to the hamper later today.


I decided that I needed to celebrate this laundry accomplishment! So I decided to post a silly blog post about catching up on the mountain of laundry.  But as I started to write, I realized that it's not really funny.  It's not funny that I have been continually behind on laundry for the past ... who knows how long?


I've fallen out of my laundry routine somehow.   I am not sure what happened, but I'm trying to re-establish that routine.  Actually, I am trying to make my entire home a priority again.


My role as a home-maker is to make my family's life beautiful and comfortable, even though the process of doing so is often mundane and repetitive.  So keeping up with the laundry is important.  Fixing those irritating organizational problems is important.  Planning meals (rather than scouring the kitchen at the last minute for ideas) is important.  Cleaning house is important.


Should I admit that there is one room we still haven't unpacked since we moved here?  And that it became the catch-all for junk over the past three years?  Worse yet, it's the back-entry room, so we occasionally have to lead people through it, into the kitchen.  It's been ages since I even tried to organize that room or clean it up, and I need to make it a priority.  I need to find homes for the clutter we've tossed in there, and make it look decent.  I'm tired of trying to catch guests in the driveway and lead them to the other door.  I'm tired of apologizing for the mess.  I'm ashamed that I've failed in my role as home-maker, as far as that room goes.


If I intend to open my home to others, and I do, then I also need to be re-inspired to make my home-making a priority.  I need to do my housework well, not quickly and half-heartedly.  I need to set a better example for my children.  I may not like certain aspects of my home, but I can still make it beautiful and organized.


Trying to regain my focus,
April E.




  1. I think we all have our nooks and crannies where things get stacked or it gets a bit cluttered. I need to work on a couple of little areas as well. If we didn't homeschool or do crafts, I'd have LOADS of room to put everything, and clutter wouldn't be a problem. But when you add in craft supplies and storing everything for crafts (3 females in our home!), plus all of the homeschooling books and curriculum, it just gets crowded.

    I'd love to have a home that looked incredibly organized and clutter-free, but everyone I know personally who has a home like that doesn't do crafts or art projects...and they definitely don't homeschool.

    I think that when families like us live 24/7 in our home, it is just that more important to stay on top of things, but it's just so much tougher because it's constant! :) Sometimes, I envy my mom who sent off her children to school each day. She had ALL of her household chores finished by 10:00 a.m., and spent the rest of the day sewing and crafting and enjoying herself.

    But the path that the Lord has asked our family to take has been so beneficial for us, and I know you would say the same. I'd like to see clutter take its last stand, but when there is literally not enough storage room for all of the books and supplies, and there isn't any of it that can be "thrown out" or given away just yet, it's just a bit tougher, I think!


  2. Try selling your house to someone you know. Oh my, there is some ancient dirt here. Maybe it has some archaeological value? I feel like I am about to be exposed for what I really am, and it's embarrassing!


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