Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind

Spring is here in Kansas.  I saw a robin out by the barn last week, though I'm sure he'd probably been around a week or two before that.   I have yellow Crocuses and blue Siberian Squill blooming.  The daffodils, grape hyacinths, tulips, iris and lilies are all beginning to grow, with promises of beauty yet to come.


We've had a few 80 degree days which almost tempted me to make the seasonal clothing switch, but then I looked ahead at next week's weather and saw 40 -  60 as the daytime highs.  I think I'll wait on that clothing switch.


Sunday my husband and I placed an order for 25 chicks:  13 Ameraucana and 12 Buff Orpington pullets.  I love the colorful eggs and sweet disposition of the Ameraucana breed, and I love the plump golden looks of the Buff Orpington and their gentleness.  We didn't get chicks last year, so it's been 2 years since we had any baby birds.  We had guinea keets 3 years ago, and we hope to get some of them in June, as well.  Hopefully we'll be able to get them locally, since we don't really need 30 of them ourselves (minimal number for an online order)!  Our chicks are due to ship on April 4, so we'll hopefully have them on April 6.  This is our first online order of chicks, and we bought them from Estes Hatchery in Missouri.


We have 9 weeks of school left, and about 11 weeks left on the TOS Homeschool Crew.  I'm trying to plan for next year's curriculum and it has made me so thankful for the review items we've received over the past 3 years of being on the Crew.  It has been a blessing, even though it has had its difficulties.  I know I will go through withdrawals this summer and next Fall.


I'm trying to figure out how to get my 4th grade son reading more!  He was slower to learn to read than his sisters, and he has had little interest in reading for pleasure, so he hasn't practiced as much as they did in elementary school.  He complains that books are all too hard, too young, or too boring for him.  I do recognize that his age and interests may not line up with his reading level, but he still has to practice. I think I'm going to have to require daily silent reading from him ... 15 - 30 minutes.   I hope it doesn't make him dislike reading even more.


Today and tomorrow are our last two sunny and warm days for awhile, so I need to wash more laundry and get it on the clothesline while I can.  Of course, it's looking a bit cloudy at the moment, but the weather man predicted sunshine.  Hopefully it will clear up.  This is one of those REALLY windy days that makes using the clothesline difficult, but very productive (as they dry fast and wrinkle-free).  Getting clothes on the line in this wind is hard; I've learned to stand behind the line with the wind to my back and start with the front line, working backwards.  Sometimes, they blow off the line and we have to gather clothes and clothespins from the grass.  Taking the clothes off the line can be equally challenging as the clothes and the wires try to hit me in the face.


With that in mind, I guess I'd better get up and get rolling on laundry and continue figuring out what I need to buy for next year.  I need to make a list of all the things I think I might need or would like to have, compare it with what I have, and decide how much of that I truly need.  Narrowing it down is the hard part, of course.  LOL!!

Have a blessed day!
April E.

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