Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What does your homeschool sound like?

It's Tuesday morning as I type this.  My children are doing their schoolwork, and I realized that my homeschool has its own unique sound.  I'm sure yours does, too.   So what does my homeschool sound like right now?


My preschoolers and 1st grader are watching Magic School Bus in the living room.  Baby V is cooing along as she plays with her toys and explores the living room floor (rolling around).  Thankfully, no one is fighting, at the moment.


My 8th grader is singing along with Britt Nicole on her MP3 player in the dining room just beyond.  The MP3 player helps her focus on her schoolwork, but the singing distracts her siblings, so she is alone in that room.


My 6th grader and 10th grader are listening to an old tape recording of mine of Les Miserables in the kitchen beyond that while they do their lessons.  It's their second day of doing schoolwork to the music of Les Mis.  Usually the 6th grader does her schoolwork in her bedroom, with the CD player playing.  But at the moment she wants to hear Les Mis, so she's joined her older sister in the kitchen.


My 4th grader also has his MP3 player in while he does his lessons in his bedroom, but he's not singing along.


That's a school day in my house.  Later in the day, once the boys have finished their lessons, you might hear the wii in their bedroom ... if you listen really closely.

What does your homeschool sound like today?


April E.

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