Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beating Housekeeping Boredom

Growing up as an Army kid, we moved about every 3 years.  I grew accustomed to a new home about that often, usually more often with temporary housing and permanent housing switches.  But I'm not in the Army anymore, and I finally have the more settled life I hoped for.  Except, I didn't realize how home-boredom would accompany the security of being settled.

Early in our marriage, we were able to rearrange our home fairly often.  I'd envision a new and better way to arrange the furniture, and make those switches.  As our family size grew, and our belongings increased, we found that we were trapped.  There really wasn't any other way to arrange our jigsaw-puzzle of belongings that would work as well as the way it was.  About the time I accepted that truth in our old house, we moved here to the farm.  After ten years in the previous house, it was refreshing to have a new place to organize and decorate.


Well, we've been here for over 3 years.  Oh no!  The itch for change has hit, but once again I am stuck.  We are not moving, and there really isn't much I can do to rearrange the furniture.  We carefully fit everything in when we moved here, and other than some minor changes, we're fairly well stuck with the way it is.  That only leaves the walls to play with.

Painting is rather daunting, and we haven't yet tackled that project.  Instead I've focused on trying to update the wall decor.  Some of the items in our home are 17 years old, given as gifts to the newlyweds.  Others aren't as old, but they have still been around a long time.  Some declare their era very clearly as being "from the 90s" (horrors!), some weren't ever my style, and others just represent a younger me.  I'm not really into cow and chicken decor anymore.  Then there is the random stuff picked up cheaply at a yard sale to fill a blank spot on the wall.

I'm trying to think more carefully about what I want on my walls now.  I've decided I want some more modern items, things with Bible verses, or quotes about family.  I want things that reflect who we are, what we believe, and our interests.  I don't really have a redecorating budget, so it's slow progress.


One thing I realized I could change inexpensively, was to dig out a couple picture collage frames that were in my closet.  One had four 5x7 slots that I filled with some older family photos and a card I really liked.  The other one had a variety of sizes, ranging from 5x7 to 3x3.  Both were nice-looking (not too cheap), and I finally took the time last week to fill the slots.  I hung them in our living room, replacing 3 smaller items with two larger items that do reflect our love for our family.

We also just bought a medium-sized canvas print collage with a family photo, a  photo of the children, and one of Steve and I.  We splurged and ordered it when we had our photos taken for the church directory.  It is also hanging in the living room, replacing an old art print that we had framed in a very 90s-looking frame and matting.  *wink*  After 17 years of looking at it, I'm ready for the change.


I may not get a new house.  I may not be able to rearrange my furniture anymore (w/o buying new items).  I may not be ready to tackle a major re-painting project.  But I can update my wall decor.  This summer, I also hope to tackle some organization projects that will help keep the house clean and satisfy that urge to improve and change. I am always encouraged when I conquer a trouble-spot in my home.


Do you get bored with your home?  What do you do to beat that boredom?

April E.


  1. Yes! We've been in our house for 20 years now and I am amazed at how you can "fill" a house. Ours is an older house with a TON of BIG windows, which really cuts down on how you can rearrange a room.

    Moving Ashley into the attic really helped the girls. We worked in both of their rooms yesterday - well, Ashley did her own and I mostly did Gracie's - just sprucing them up a bit and rearranging for spring. Today's job is Ian's room. Eventually, I hope to get him a loft bed - his room is small and that will help with space.

  2. I do get bored. Or I think I do. I'm just testing it out now. First apartment 3 years, 1st house - 4 years, 2nd house - 5 years, 3rd (and current house) 5-1/2 years with no plans to move. I do a lot of painting at first. But I just realized, I've never lived in a house long enough to REpaint anything! I've still got kids bedrooms I've never painted here, plus I could redo the entire basement/playroom. But to do that, I'd want new furniture, and to get new furniture you have to


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