Friday, April 8, 2011

An Early Morning Revelation

This morning I was sitting at the computer sipping my coffee.  I realized I'd had two cups of coffee and no food, and my body didn't like that.  So I got up to fix some breakfast.  I decided to eat a banana with nutella spread down one side, which is delicious!


As I prepared my yummy Nutella-Banana, I started thinking a song.  I wasn't singing out loud, but my mind was singing.


To the tune of the Alvin and the Chipmunks song, "Christmas, Christmas Time is Here..."


"Nutella, Nutella, you are yum!

On my banana, or on my thumb ..."


It was at that time that I had a serious revelation.  I might be ... just a little bit ... strange.  I'm not sure how many people compose songs to their breakfast.  Maybe more than I think; in which case, I wouldn't be as strange as I fear I might be.


This is what homeschooling 8 children will do to you if you're not careful.  I think the cure is something like dinner out with your husband.  Yeah.  I'm sure that is the cure.


Waiting for my cure,
April E.


  1. LOL! I make up songs ALL the time! My kids think I'm hilarious/crazy. My niece and nephew call me "The new Dr. Seuss". It's fun. :) My kids all learned about rhyming early and they love music, though, so it's all good.

  2. Ahem. A few days ago I was singing to Baby V. I adapted an Alan Jackson song (Little Bitty) and was singing,

    "It's okay to be Chubby Wubby. Chubby Wubby girl with a Chubby Wubby smile."

    I can't help it, though. She's just so chubby and cute! I promise not to sing it to her for too long, though, so I don't give her some sort of complex.


  3. Dinner out ... definitely dinner out. That fixes everything!
    LOL! You are too funny!

  4. You think dinner out is the cure to craziness? It's worth a shot!


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