Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I admit it! I was wrong!

Do you remember The Great Chair Debate from last year? Steve had bought four dining room chairs and I wanted to use them in the dining room instead of the over-sized waiting room office chairs we were using.  Steve and the kids liked the comfy waiting room chairs.  I wanted more space at the table and around it, since the waiting room chairs were boxy and couldn't slide fully under the table.  Steve wanted to sell the four antique dining room chairs for a small profit, instead of using them.

I won that debate, and we moved the waiting room chairs out of the house.  We tried to sell them in a yard sale, but they didn't sell.  (Their upholstery is an ugly out-of-date print, and most yard-sale attendees aren't looking for boxy, waiting room office chairs.)  Steve put them in the barn, intending to take them to an auction sometime.


Well, now I've been asking him to bring them back in.  The pretty, old dining room chairs can't hold up to my family's use, as I secretly feared.   I was wrong.


Several months ago, the top rail of one of the chair-backs broke.  Steve glued it back together with wood glue, but it broke again.  Now a second chair has also broken in the same place.  We are short two chairs currently, and I need to get the other two out before they also break.  It was a short-lived victory on my part.


I do want smaller chairs for our dining room, so we have more space.  But they need to be sturdy!  Of course, cost is a factor, so who knows when we'll get the waiting room chairs replaced.  Maybe we'll move to benches instead.  Someday.


April E.

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