Friday, April 15, 2011

I don't know whether to be proud, or ashamed.

I've always been against books that were "dumbed-down" or filled with "potty humor".  We haven't allowed books like "Captain Underpants" or whatever it is.  And yet, when my 10 yo son asked if he could read The Diary of A Wimpy Kid the other day, I said yes.  We'd already let him watch the movie, so I went ahead and let him check out the book.


Truthfully, I wasn't really sure he'd read it.  He often checks out books and doesn't finish them.  He hasn't ever finished a chapter book on his own.  Until now.


He listened to the first book in the series on CD, because that was the only version the library had.  Then he read the second book in the series over the course of two days.  His first completed chapter book.


Now, it has a lot of illustrations, and large print, which is very helpful.  But I"m still proud that he stuck with the book and finished it!  But part of me wishes it had been something more valuable than The Diary of A Wimpy Kid.  My girls read The American Girls series first, which have some historical value at least.  But we've struggled to find books of similar size and font that interested HIM.  Apparently we've found something that does interest him now, and he's started reading the third one, which would be his second chapter book.


I guess I can be both proud, and slightly ashamed for the lowered standards.  I really want him to enjoy reading, so I guess it's okay.  We'll just try not to let the standards go any lower than that.  Maybe now that he's finished a book, he'll be encouraged to continue.


With my three oldest daughters, I do have one who only enjoys what we call "chick lit" and two who enjoy older classics books, as well as more modern stuff.  I guess I have a son who follows his "chick lit" sister in really only enjoying certain "fluff" books.  Now to find suitable boy "fluff" ...


April E.




  1. Yeah, well I didn't used to let my kids watch much television, or play video games. I understand where you're coming from. If my middle son read ANY book I think I'd be ecstatic.

  2. Look at it this way...even a fluff book that can get a non-reader to read has great value! It is just a bridge to bigger and better. My son liked that series. I think they look worse than they truly are. I'd definitely be PROUD over ashamed!

  3. I have a son and a daughter who hated to read...but not anymore! I had to start with way below grade level and make it enjoyable for them or they refused! It's been several years for my son and 1-2 for my daughter but now I have to tell them to put their books down and get something done!!! I have 2 other kids who love to read. It's okay to start with the silly stuff, but there are lots of character building books out there to read that aren't too hard. I am very picky with their book choices and I used to think there wasn't anything good to choose from , but over time I have built up our library (I have 7 children to give the love of reading to!). Keep up the good work!


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