Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Spring update from our home ...

Spring is here!  I have Crocuses, Siberian Squill, Grape Hyacinths, and Daffodils blooming!  The wheat field is lush and green, even if the yard isn't yet green.  Finally, color!


Sunday evening,  Steve tilled a section of our garden and put our onions in the ground.  We had potatoes cut up and ready to plant, but ran out of light, so we'll need to get them in the ground soon.


A week ago, I went to a friend's house and we dug up some lilac shoots and hydrangea bushes.  Then a cold spell hit, and Steve and I didn't get them in the ground until a week later.  But we planted the three hydrangeas beside our garage and the fifteen lilac bushes beside our driveway.  I can't wait until the day they each start blooming!  I wonder which year that will be.


Steve and I had also ordered berry plants and corn seeds from Gurney's catalog, and the berry plants arrived (three varieties of raspberry, plus one blackberry) on Saturday.  Now we need to get some soil to fill the frames Steve wanted to plant them in ... quickly!


Our chicks are supposed to ship today, too.  I need to finish cleaning the large dog pen they'll live in and set up the wood chips, waterer, feeder, and warmer light so it's ready for them when they arrive.  They're supposed to arrive on Wednesday, and I hope they are right on schedule.  We've never ordered chicks through the mail before, since we always bought them locally in the past.


We have  13 Ameraucana and 12 Buff Orpington pullets coming.  I'm hoping we don't end up with another rooster.  He was fun to have for awhile, but by the time he was 7 months old he was aggressive toward Steve.  By the time he was 9 months old, he was also aggressive toward me.  I was so relieved when we finally took him to the fair, got a ribbon, and gave him away at 16 months old.


In celebration of Spring, and preparing for our upcoming 17th wedding anniversary, Steve and I attended a marriage class this weekend.  It was good to spend so much time talking and re-connecting. We each found areas we could improve in meeting the other person's needs.  We talked about some areas of hurt, and ways we like to have love expressed to us.  It was a blessing to us both, because we had begun to take each other for granted.


Baby V is 6.5 months old, and she's trying to figure out crawling.  She gets frustrated, but she keeps trying.  She started eating baby foods last week, so I guess that means the weaning process has begun.  She may nurse until she's 2, but once food is introduced, weaning (by definition) has begun.


School is going well and we're scheduled to finish up in the middle of May.  Some of the children have textbooks they intend to continue beyond that so we can get a clean start without carrying over textbooks into next year.  But otherwise, we're on track to finish school right on time.


Life is good, and we are blessed.  What is going on at your house this Spring?  Are you gardening?  How's school going?

April E.

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