Friday, April 29, 2011

Where do you fold laundry?

I'm struggling right now.  I have no laundry room.  Our laundry facilities are in our crowded unfinished basement.  There isn't a folding station down there, though we've talked about setting up a table to be one.  That isn't ideal, though, because I can barely get the laundry loads switched before someone is looking for me.  If I were to stay down there long enough to fold a load, they'd probably send out the Marines to find me.

I've mostly folded laundry on the couch and coffee table.  I always have.  But, I like to do it when the kids are sleeping so they aren't climbing on my piles or knocking them over.  Except, the only time I'm awake and kids aren't is at 6 am.  We used to stay up late, and I'd fold clothes then.  That worked.  6 am doesn't work so much.  That's my wake-up time, my check e-mail time, my review-writing time. I may have to change that routine.

I started folding laundry on the dining room table instead, but we always end up with laundry on the table, it seems.  It's always in-process.  That isn't a good idea.  I don't like it, and no one else does either. I also don't like that I can't watch a movie or the TV while I fold.  There's a half-wall/buffet separating the two rooms.

I can't fold laundry on my bed because in the daytime it's used as a napping place, a diaper-changing place, and occasionally an unauthorized trampoline.

So back to the couch?  Or what?  I wish I had a way to fit a table in the living room, but there really isn't room. I've considered using a card table I could get out and put away, but it just isn't really enough folding space.  Though it, combined with the coffee table could work, without tying up the couch during a family movie.

I'm just frustrated with my laundry situation at the moment ... and putting off folding my clothes because of it.  Where do you fold laundry in your home?

April E.


  1. Oh April,
    We don't fold laundry. It just never works becuase it takes too much time and the little ones destroy the neatness anyway, as you know. When it's clean we toss into piles for each child (preferably right out of the dryer, but not always). They take it and put away in their dresser, no folding unless they want to. I put away mine and the baby's. Hubby prefers to do his. The older children in each bedroom help younger siblings put theirs away. We have few enough clothing out per child that dressers are not stuffed, it's easy to put things in the drawers.

    Another idea - You've got those older children for a reason, and one of those is to train them in household management. ahem. Laundry is a great place to start - assign it out. Even if you still want to do the actual washing and drying, they could do the folding and putting away. Ten to one they would quickly corral younger ones to help and train them in the process.

  2. I am lucky. I have older children and I only fold my clothes. Everyone has their own laundry day and the kids do their own. I fold and hang mine in my bedroom on my bed. When I had younger children I usually folded the clothes on the couch in the living room, with help from the children. We have never had room for a laundry folding station..

  3. I don't have a laundry room either, but when I did, I really never folded there anyway. Too far away from the kids. I've always folded clothes in our bedroom on the bed, though sometimes I do fold them on the couch while watching tv. We started our kids folding laundry very young. So they have been folding their clothes for years. Sorry, this wasn't much help.

  4. I fold on my bed. So, not much help. I do use my bed as the diaper changing station too, but I can still make room. But no one sleeps there in the daytime anymore.

  5. I fold in the living room, because I don't have a laundry room either.
    What saves me is that all the towels, washcloths, socks, and children's undies go straight into a laundry basket and the kids each fold one category as part of their 5 o'clock jobs. I only fold 'real' clothes and adult undies. Try doing it this way. It's a huge timesaver, little ones learn to match, and do simple jobs, and plan how to fold different sized towels etc. You could even call it math! LOL

    Annie Kate

  6. My 5 yr old sorts the laundry into baskets, one per room, when it comes out of the dryer. Then the kids get their basket in the afternoon and put away their own clothes. I only put away my husband and mine. I try to get the kids to do as much as they are able as soon as they are able, we have a big family and there is a lot to do!

  7. I suppose I'm not much help, either, April! The girls fold all of the family's clothing on our bed in the master bedroom, but since they listen to audio stories on CD while folding clothes, they do this pretty quickly and then they are required to put away their own clothing immediately following folding the laundry. I come in and then put away my clothes and my husband's clothes.

    If we had more than two children, we'd do the same thing, except that when laundry would come out of the dryer, they would quickly sort them for each child - and then be responsible for folding Mom's and Dad's clothing plus folding and putting away their own clothing.

    I've never had a laundry room, either. Our washer and dryer are in our master bedroom. Isn't that romantic? :)

    They get paid about $2.50 - $3.00 a week for folding laundry. It's the only chore we pay them for. All other responsibilities are done without pay simply because they live in our home. :)

    It takes them about an hour per week to fold clothes and towels, etc. for four people.



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