Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Changing colors through the year


Our yard has its color stages.  Steve's grandparents had extensive flower beds at one point, though they're now scattered and declining.  We have a few lone-survivor flowers that mark where a bed used to be, as well as flourishing flower beds here and there.   This is our fourth Spring here, and I've grown accustomed to the changing colors of our land.


In Spring, before the trees begin to turn green, the wheat perks up with green, the lawn begins to turn from brown to green, and the flowers bloom yellow and blue/purple.  Grape hyacinths, daffodils, and Siberian Squill decorate our back yard.  There are a few random tulips and crocus that stand like grave markers where old flower beds have died off.

As the green spreads to the trees and our front yard, the green wheat grows lush and  tall, and the flowers bloom again.  Pinkish columbine, pink gas plant (terrible name), and the peonies bloom in pink, magenta, white and red.  This is the second set of colors for our yard.  We are near the end of this stage now.


Soon the irises will begin to bloom in yellows and blues.  It's a brief color change, just as the wheat is beginning to turn yellowish. Perhaps during this time the surprise lilies will pop out with a pale pink/lavender color.  This is the most varied set of colors we have.


As the wheat turns to gold, the day lilies will bloom in varying shades of orange, yellow and red.  The trillium will add one dash of deep blue on the side of the house.  This will last until mid-summer when all that remains is a brown harvested field, and green throughout the yard.


As summer fades away, the leaves will turn to gold and orange.  The grass will be covered with fallen leaves, camouflaged with brown.


The snow will fall, the trees will be bare and brown, and our yard will be black and white.  The snow will melt periodically, and our world will simply be brown.  Brown except for a hint of green in the wheat field, waiting for Spring.


This Spring we planted a few hyacinth and lilac bushes.  I wonder how that will change our color patterns next year.


Does your yard have stages of color?


April E.

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