Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Family Makes Me Laugh

A spider moved into our shower.   I don't know why he thought he had permission, but apparently he thought it was the free rent district.  This made showers interesting on Saturday, preparing for church, especially when my 10 year old son thought he could wash it down the drain by tossing water on its web.  Instead it just found a corner to hide in and he asked me to retrieve it.  He's in the shower already and he wanted me to get the spider out?  I told him to shower fast and we'd deal with it when the shower was empty.


Except, I forgot about the spider.  Until I showered on Sunday and saw him high up in the corner, in his web.  But I closed my eyes, and hurried, and then forgot about him again.  At each shower, I closed my eyes, hurried, and then forgot to dispose of the spider.  I was not alone.


Last night, after we'd gone to bed, my 14 year old daughter took a late shower.  Apparently she left a post-it note note on the bathroom mirror asking us to please kill the beastie in the shower.  Please and thank you!


I didn't see the note, and my husband didn't mention it.  I'm not as observant as I could be.  On my third trip into the bathroom since I awoke, I noticed a dead spider wrapped in tissue lying on the sink edge, right next to the note I hadn't yet seen.


Steve killed the beastie and left it for the girls to see, right next to the note.  I laughed ... my first "out loud" laugh of the day.  I've smiled at my puppy's antics and at facebook today, but my family's silent interaction over "the beastie in the shower" made me laugh.  Out loud.


I really do love my husband's humor, and my children's humor.  I love watching my teens develop their personal styles of humor.  Even the younger ones.  Some of my kid can deliver little one-liners that just startle me, and then make me burst out laughing.  Others are just continually silly.  All of them are ornery.


Thank you, Lord, for this delightfully funny large family.  They keep me young, even if they are giving me gray hair.  ;)


April E.

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  1. This story reminds me of spending weekends with my grandmother when I was a little girl. They lived in a log cabin that had been added to over the years, and as a result, when they finally got running water, the only place to put the bathroom was in the basement of one of the added on pieces. There were always spiders in the bathtub, and I could not be persuaded to take a bath until my grandmother did spider patrol, and took care of all the offending creatures. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory.


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