Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New curriculum excitement!

Yesterday we received several packages containing curriculum and supplemental items.  Nothing big, but it still brought excitement!  It was funny to me how those kids who are counting down school days (7 more days) or pages until they finish a certain text book were asking me if they could start their new books yet.  Well, some of the younger ones were.  *wink*

My rising 11th grader took her new Editor-In-Chief grammar workbook to her desk.  My rising 7th grader took her Easy Grammar Plus workbook to her school box.  My 9th grader looked at her Algebra 1 Solutions Manual and nodded her head ... she's not ready to think about next year yet.  Nothing new arrived for my rising 5th grade son, but my rising 2nd grade son wanted to start his new math workbooks RIGHT NOW!  (Note he hasn't quite finished his 1st grade book, but what's left will be reviewed in the new one so I told him yes.  He's switching to Horizons Math, so it's new and exciting!)

But the largest excitement came from my 5 year old daughter who will be starting Kindergarten this Fall.  We received her new phonics curriculum and her handwriting book in the mail and she was thrilled.  We've used Reading Made Easy in the past, but I succumbed to all the praise I've heard and bought The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading to try with her.   When she saw those books, I went and got the rest of the books off the shelf to show her:

  • Mathematical Reasoning, book A by Critical Thinking Press

  • a cheap handwriting workbook to start with

  • A Reason For Handwriting book A for after the cheapie gets her started

  • The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

  • Five In A Row mixed with Tapestry of Grace -- I'm just dying to do FIAR with her and her 3 yo and 7 yo brothers.  I miss it.

The excitement of the younger students always encourages me.  It's harder to find something that sparks excitement in the older students, but I love it when they just have to tell me about something they've learned or when they want to find more books on a subject that interests them.

We do still need to order Total Language Plus guides for my rising 9th grader, and the chemistry equipment to go alongside Apologia Chemistry for my rising 11th grader.  But other than that ... we're set for next year.

It's tempting to keep shopping, to be drawn into other family's excitement about their curriculum choices.   I just read this timely article on how to avoid over-buying curricula by Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest today.  It's not too long, but it's definitely worth reading as you plan out your next school year!

April E.


  1. Great year planned!!!
    I JUST re-read Terri's article. Think that I need to print it out and post it on my wall!!!

  2. Sounds like you've got some good ideas for the year. I have already spent about $700 for the upcoming year and am not quite done! That is, of course, for 4 students, though. This is the most I've ever spent! I am counting things I've purchased really for the past few months, too. I still need to buy Apologia Chemistry, but otherwise I think I'm done. :)

  3. Wow! I haven't ever been able to spend that much on a year of school. It would be great if I could. LOL!! I need to post about the rest of the school plans for each student ... AFTER I get this IEW review written. LOL!!


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