Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WFMW: Recycled Trash Cans for the Van

My van is usually trashed.  Our Suburban used to be trashed, especially the back row because I couldn't really see its floor.  My kids learned lots of bad habits in that Suburban, and I let them.  We only cleaned out the back floor occasionally.

Then we got a 15 passenger van when our eighth baby was born,  and suddenly, the entire floor was visible to everyone.   You can see right under the benches in the van, so we've been trying to keep it cleaner than the Suburban.

But, when we take trips we have a problem.  Kids are either trying to pass their trash up to the front all the time, or they just drop it on the floor until we make our next stop.  (They used to shove it in the ash trays.)

As we were preparing to make a recent family trip, I began to think about how to prevent that from happening again.  I was thinking about how each row should have its own trash bag or can of some sort, but I didn't want it to be something that would tip and spill ...  or cost us money.

That's when I had a brilliant idea.  I have a stash of plastic coffee cans with lids that I couldn't bring myself to just throw away.  They were piled up in my pantry while I tried to think of a way to re-purpose them.

Well, I can tell you they make wonderful trash cans for the van.  Each row has their own and they can sit in front of the seat or slide under it.  They are washable, they have their own lids, and if a child gets car sick, they can double as a puke bucket! (Thankfully we haven't had to test that feature yet.)

And best of all, if I decide I'd rather throw one out than clean it, there's always going to be another one sitting around to replace it.

So if your van or car is as messy as ours used to be, and you've got that same stash of plastic coffee cans sitting around ... take one or two the car!  It works for me!

April E.

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  1. That`s a cool idea! (Me and my siblings are always trashing the car. :roll: )


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