Monday, July 18, 2011

The crazy way my mind works ...

Last night, Steve and I were watching My Strange Addiction on TV.  A total waste of time, but it's the truth.  We were up late, I was rocking little ones to sleep, and there wasn't much on TV that was worth watching.  Okay, maybe there wasn't anything on TV worth watching, but we settled on this one.


This morning I was cleaning my toilet, trying to see if that was the source of the elusive smell in the bathroom.  As I was cleaning it, I thought ... "Too bad I'm not addicted to cleaning toilets, or mopping, or some other useful thing like that."  I mean, really!  I don't even like cleaning my house, though I like the results of the work.  The process itself isn't something I look forward to.  It's a necessary evil.  But, if I liked it ... my house would be so much cleaner!  And my kids might actually like working then, too!


Actually, I have a feeling that even a good addiction like that would have issues.  Like, I might not read to my kids enough because I was too busy cleaning.  Or, I might not let my kids play and relax in the home because it might mess up my work.  Or, I might start cleaning other people's bathrooms and wouldn't be home to raise my own kids.  I'd probably alienate my children and my husband ... especially my husband.


But, it's fun to imagine what it might be like to actually PREFER cleaning over other things.  What would my house look like then?


Unfortunately, my addictions fall in other areas, like eating chocolate, reading, the computer, watching tv, and eating chocolate.   So, I'll just have to keep cleaning my house out of necessity and not because it's my hobby.


This blog post has been entered in The Christian Home magazine's weekly issue.  You can read this week's magazine issue at The Legacy of Home blog.

Rejoicing in Family,
April E.




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