Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sometimes the truth hurts ...

Today at church, I had my 5 year old daughter on my lap.  I was trying to keep her quiet and still during the worship and prayer time, before she'd leave for children's church.  I held one of her hands in mine and told her that I loved her hands.


She asked me why.


I told her that they're small, but they'll grow big and be able to do so many things when she's bigger.  I laid it on top of my hand and asked, "Do you see how your hand is smaller than mine?"


She sweetly whispered back to me, "Yes.  And softer."


Stifling my giggles, "Really?  Your hands are softer?"


5 yo L confidently replied, "Yes."


So we had my 12 year old test that for us, and she agreed with 5 yo L, that my hands are not as soft as L's.  I suppose I knew that was true, but still ...


Maybe I should use my Satin Hands kit more often.



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April E.


  1. What a sweet conversation you had with your children!
    God bless,

  2. How precious.

    Mama hands do lots of holding and helping, so sometimes they can't help look tired.

  3. Sweet! Now if you hands were softer then that would probably not be a good thing. You know, mom's work!


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