Monday, August 15, 2011

A large family dilemma

There are a few things we just can't seem to keep in stock in our home.  Steve finds it frustrating to continually be told we've run out again.  He often asks me, "How can we be out already!?!?  I just bought some the other day!"  Of course, sometimes his "other day" is longer than he thinks.

Unfortunately, these are the items we run through at lightning speed ... and should probably buy stock in:

  1. toilet paper

  2. band-aids

  3. diapers

  4. wet wipes

  5. bread

  6. paper towels

  7. razors (though we don't really run out of these, we just use them until they're too dull to cut anything)

  8. shampoo and conditioner

  9. did I say band-aids?  LOL!!

  10. the larger knee-sized band-aids

  11. hand soap

  12. dish soap

  13. printer ink/toner

  14. paper

  15. pens and pencils

  16. animal crackers

  17. snack foods in general

  18. lunch meat

  19. did I say dish soap?  LOL!!

  20. gas in our 15 passenger van

  21. socks

  22. pacifiers

  23. did I say diapers?

We also seem to have a bad habit of breaking small hand mirrors and wearing out brushes.  That must mean we have a lot of girls in this house.


On the other hand, other things seem to multiply and outgrow their spaces:

  1. crayons and crayon pieces

  2. toy cars

  3. legos

  4. clutter

  5. coloring books

  6. small "happy meal" toys

  7. mis-matched socks

  8. laundry piles

  9. did I say broken crayons?

  10. hugs

  11. kisses

  12. sibling arguments

  13. noisy toys

  14. books

  15. movies

  16. cds

  17. did I say clutter?

  18. bills

  19. car expenses

  20. clothes


But, we've got more than we actually need, and we're blessed.  I wouldn't trade all the broken crayons, laundry piles and clutter for my large family.  We'll just buy stock in the band-aid and dish soap companies, keep working on the laundry, and be thankful.


Is there something your family continually runs out of?  What makes you say "Already?!?!"


April E.


  1. This made me laugh :) We have a family of 5 and it sounds exactly like us! My kids (8, 7, & 2) seem to think band-aids are stickers/decorations for your body. I agree frustrating as it can be at times, I wouldn't trade them - ever! ;)

  2. We're always out of printer paper. I've learned to only put in a small stack at a time b/c our youngest helps herself out of the printer. Lately it seems like I need to add paper before I can print anything.


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