Monday, August 22, 2011

Review and Giveaway: The Juppy Baby Walker

The Only Baby Walker That Fits In A Purse!


My 11 month old daughter is JUST now figuring out how to walk.  She's still much more confident if she can touch the wall, or the couch, or have one of us hold her hands.  It was perfect timing for us to review the Juppy Baby Walker.


What is the Juppy Baby Walker?  Well, it's a cloth, portable, parent-assisted baby walker!  Simply unzip the back, slip it on over baby's pants, help the baby stand up, you stand up, and then you hold the straps to help keep their balance -- without having to stoop down. The straps are even adjustable so parents of all heights can use it without stooping.


When you're not using the Juppy, you can fold it up, place it inside its pretty color-coordinated, satin draw-string pouch, and toss it in your purse or diaper bag.  You can keep one in the car, and one in the house.  The Juppy is machine-washable, (or hand-washable if you have the time), so you can keep it looking clean even if your baby has a major blow-out while on the go.


What did we think about the Juppy?  Well, the consensus is that Baby V likes the Juppy.  See for yourself.  Sometimes she liked it too much and would take gi-mongous steps or lean way forward, relying on me to hold her up.

There is one thing that I'd like to change about the Juppy.  I wish that the straps were removable.  If a small carabiner-style clip held the straps onto a canvas loop, I could remove the straps to let her crawl around awhile or cruise the furniture.  At the moment, I have to remove the whole Juppy, and put it on again when she wants to walk.  Of course, my idea would probably not be as safe or sturdy ... it just shows how lazy I can be.


I like the flannel lining inside the canvas Juppy that I have.  It feels both sturdy, and soft this way.  You can purchase it without the lining, if you prefer.  I will warn you to USE the zipper on the back.  If your baby is chubby like mine, and you try to pull it up without unzipping it, it's possible the baby will start to tip and fall over.  I promise you that this does not go over well with little toddlers.  Ahem.  Use the zipper.


Here's what the Juppy has to say about itself!



I found out, from reading the parent testimonials on the website, that parents with special need children are also using the Juppy to help their handicapped children walk.  I love that this item is dual-purpose, and that the Juppy company will customize their product to help parents of special need children.


The Juppy is available in three colors: pink, blue, and black.  The pink and blue ones are cream with pink or blue trim.  The black one is solid black with yellow trim.  The Juppy is affordable at $29.95 for a flannel-lined Juppy, or $19.95 for an unlined Juppy.  It would make a wonderful baby shower gift.  You can even have your child's name embroidered on the Juppy, if you like.   You can read MORE reviews at



The Juppy company has agreed to give one of my readers a Juppy!  The winner will have their choice of a blue or pink Juppy. This contest is open to US  and Canadian residents only, sorry!  The contest will end on Sunday, September 4, 2011, at midnight. I will draw a winner on September 5, 2011!

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Everyone understand the rules?  Then, ready, set, go!

April E.


This Juppy Baby Walker was given to me in exchange for an honest review.  The Juppy company is also sponsoring the giveaway with a second Juppy Walker.


  1. the little girl wearing pink outside on the grass is cute. such determination and big smile

  2. I Follow The Juppy Walker on Facebook
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  3. I would keep it to save my back
    menzies (at )

  4. I follow with gfc
    menzies (at)

  5. It could fit in my purse! menzies (at)

  6. Well, obviously, baby #29 is the cutest, but I think #3 is adorable too - I love that big ol' bow in her hair!

    chloe at sc dot rr dot com

  7. If I win this, I'd keep it for my little guy.

  8. I think yours is the cutest too :), but chubbycheeks is cute too.

  9. I'm following the Juppy Walker on Twitter

  10. I'd give it to our pastor's son and dil for a shower gift.

  11. I think the little one with hair standing w/ her mom bc I am fascinated with kids with hair being the mom of 8 bald babies. Okay, they are not babies anymore, but they were, and they were bald. LOL

  12. I would love to win the Juppy Baby Walker for our son. It looks like a very creative tool in getting babies to walk. I think the baby with the pink and green head band is the cutest. She looks very determined to walk. I follow you on facebook.

  13. I think Baby girl photo #3 is the cutest!

  14. I follow The Juppy Walker on Twitter. (@ampaetka)

  15. I would keep the Juppy for our family to help teach my daughter and future kids to walk!

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  17. I follow you on Google Friend Connect!

  18. I learned that the Juppy teaches baby balance and confidence!


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