Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time for some yummy lip balm ... and a giveaway

As a member of the Carmex Blog Squad, I received a FUN package in the mail last week.  They sent me two new flavors of Carmex Click Sticks to review, as well as a NICE picnic blanket!  (Stay tuned for your chance to win this same package for YOURSELF!)


I've told you how much I love my Carmex lip balms before.  I'm excited to see them expanding their line of products to include new flavors and their amazing Moisture Plus tinted lip balms.  Though I love the gloss of the Moisture Plus lip balms for when I'm dressing up, I really like the basic convenience of their click sticks.  I don't have to dip my finger in the jar, and it fits in my pocket or purse easily.  I love the familiar feel of the original Carmex, with the convenience of the click stick tube.



One of the new scents/flavors that Carmex sent to me was their Lime Twist Click Stick.   I like the feel and the smell of the Lime Twist.  It has a nice thick application, and a fresh scent.  I do not like the initial taste of the Lime Twist click stick, but it wears off after awhile.  I also noted that in hot weather, I need to use a LIGHT hand to apply the lip balm if I don't want to wear an extra-thick layer.  However, if you need thicker coverage, the Lime Twist Click Stick definitely provides it!




Of the two flavor/scents that I was sent, I actually prefer the Vanilla Click Stick.  I love the scent of vanilla, and most of my favorite lotions and perfumes have at least SOME vanilla in them.  The Vanilla Click Stick blends more naturally with my preferred scents than the Lime Twist.  It also does not have the initial taste I disliked in the Lime Twist, and it seemed a bit more stable in the hot weather.  I didn't have to worry as much about putting too much on when the click stick was warm.  The Vanilla has a lighter, smoother coverage than the Lime Twist.  Thankfully, both of the new click sticks provide that great tingly feel that I love.



Carmex also sent a fun picnic blanket which bears the Carmex logo.  The bottom-side has a waterproof layer, to keep dampness from seeping through.  The top layer is a bright, fun, striped fleece.  This folds up into an easy travel/carry size with a velcro closure and a zip pouch.  Perfect for tossing in your trunk to have ready for impromptu picnics, and easy to carry to the perfect location.  It would also be handy for any outdoor concerts or theaters that you hope to attend in the summer.  At this point, I don't see this for sale on their website, so you'll have to enter my giveaway for your chance to win the Vanilla Click Stick, the Lime Twist Click Stick, and the picnic blanket!






Carmex has offered to give away one prize package to one of my readers (USA-residents only).  This package will include the Vanilla Click Stick, Lime Twist Click Stick, and this travel picnic blanket with the Carmex logo. 

This giveaway will close on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at midnight. I will draw a winner on Monday, August 29, and notify them that they've won.



If you'd like to win these great lip balm click sticks, and the picnic blanket, just leave me a comment telling me which scent you think you'll prefer: lime twist or vanilla?  Don't forget to leave a valid email so I can notify you if you win (it will not be visible to anyone but me.)


OPTIONAL ENTRIES  (each worth one more entry, leave a comment for each type of entry):

  • Visit the Carmex website and tell me which product you'd REALLY like to try.  They have skincare lotions, too.

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Good luck!

April E.

These items were offered free to me, for review purposes as a member of the Carmex Blog Squad.  A positive review was not required.  The giveaway is being hosted by Carmex, as well.


  1. I think I'd prefer the vanilla.

  2. Would love to try the lime!

  3. It's hard to decide which one I'd prefer. I LOVE lime AND vanilla. Maybe a combination of the two would be yummy! Lime on top and vanilla on bottom. :)

  4. I visited the Carmex website and would really like to try the lotion. Looks like great stuff! And the Carmex tennis shoes are cute too!

  5. I follow through GFC and am a friend from the Crew. I'd love to have you follow me back @

  6. I would love to try the LIME TWIST!!! :) I loooove Carmex!!

  7. I'd like the lime twist. Carmex is great, especially with a new flavor!

  8. I think I would prefer the vanilla for the same reasons you do. However, I love lime. I'd really have to try them both. :)


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