Monday, September 26, 2011

It was a laundry weekend

Amidst our local Fall Fest celebration, I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday catching up on my laundry.  I know -- what a boring blog post.  But I was so far behind that it feels like a HUGE accomplishment.  I had more than a week of clean laundry to fold, and a week's worth of dirty laundry to wash and then fold.  So, as soon as kids finished school on Friday, I took over the dining room table and started working on Mt. NeverDone.


We then decided it was time to tweak our laundry system.  Instead of continuing to expect everyone to bring their laundry to the 3-bin hamper in my bedroom ... which they aren't doing ... we bought more hampers.  We decided to go ahead and put a hamper in the boys' room, and one in the bathroom, and 2 in the girls' room.  Now they won't pile up dirty laundry on their bedroom floor, and inundate my hampers with it once a week.  Now we can wash just girl clothes or just boy clothes a few times each week ... or when someone just HAS to have a specific item by morning.  This should keep them from losing a favorite item for weeks because it's buried at the bottom of the hamper in my room.


At one point, we needed the 3 bin central hamper because I was operating on an "out of sight, out of mind" scenario that kept letting me fall way behind on laundry.  I wouldn't wash until my basket was heaping, and then I also had a few other heaping baskets to wash all at once.  But, now that our family has grown to ten, and we've got more outside activities and commitments ... we needed to revamp the system.   Hopefully the extra baskets help us stay on top of it, and not fall even further behind.
At least, I can hope and pray, right?


April E.


  1. Thanks for sharing! You inspired me to fold, and to write a post of my own about laundry. :)

    I can so relate to that one item buried and lost at the bottom of the basket. Been there too many times.

    Of course, your family size beats us by a couple, so you have a couple more loads each week, I'm sure. :)


  2. Laundry really never ends...sigh. I've found the only way I can keep on top of it is to do 2 loads every day (1 clothing/bedding/towels, 1 cloth diapers). we keep our basket for dirty clothes in the upstairs hall between all the bedrooms and there is still one child that has a hard time remembering to step three feet from her room to toss dirty laundry in.


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